Wedding dress mystery continues

New photos of the dress emerge.

The mystery of an abandoned wedding dress, discovered in woods at Roundball Hill, continues - as new photos of the dress emerge.

Jean Pruce and her husband Nick, from Talaton, were surprised to come across the haunting sight of the wedding dress hanging from a tree when they were out walking in the area.

“It looked very strange and mysterious,” says Jean. “It looked quite haunting.”

“The dress looked like something out of a film.”

The dress was later discovered by Honiton resident Lee Crosthwaite who was out walking with her springer spaniel Woody.

The dress has a lace panel at the front, with satin underneath and puffy sleeves.

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It remains unclaimed and is currently being stored at Honiton police station.

Anyone with information about the mysterious dress is urged to call Midweek Herald reporter Katy Griffin on 01392 888485 or email

Does it belong to you?