Well done, Tesco

Shopkeeper praises supermarket chain.

Mr Stephens, in his letter of November 23, is correct. I was in the early days, and still am, against the demolition of the youth centre, but recent conversations with Tesco reveal they have the same concerns and are willing to work with the town for its replacement (another Phoenix out of the ashes, just like our local charity).

As for the supermarket building, it reminds me of a seagull - a majestic and gracious bird of the seaside.

Some will dislike it, but I love the Tesco boulevard which is linked to the town. Fantastic.

Our shop has shown a positive from new customers attracted to town so, as I said previously, the public will vote with their feet and, by jove, they have.

Well done to you all and Tesco.

I believe you have exceeded all expectations.

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Chris Byrne-Jones