What you think about Silly Bandz

We take Silly Bandz on to the streets of Honiton and ask shoppers if they think they will be the next big thing in teen fashion.

The Midweek Herald took to the streets of Honiton to find out if Silly Bandz will be next big thing in fashion - or just another silly craze.

Opinions were divided, with some believing the trend would catch on while others were non-committal.

Silly Bandz are on sale at �3.99 a pack.

Rory Farwell, 17, from Axminster, said: “Personally, I wouldn’t get them. They are a bit like other bands already out there.

“I think they are for about 13 or 14 year olds or early teens. I am 17 myself and I wouldn’t go out and buy them.”

Pensioner Margaret Astbury said: “I can see children playing with them.

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“I don’t think it will catch on to the extent where you have absolutely got to have one.

“I think they are a little bit expensive for a bit of rubber. But I can see it’s got its advantages.”

“Another thing for people is you would not like little ones to be playing with them, putting them in their mouths.

“Another disadvantage is if you’ve got dogs or cats and they are on the floor they could be chewed.”

Stacey Small, 25, from Honiton, said: “The kids seem to like them, so they must be.”

Father Nick Cribb 39, said: “I think they are a good idea; kids would quite like to play with those different shapes and things.

“The children possibly would buy them with their pocket money.”

His daughter Betty, 12, added: “Yeah, I would get them. I see the trend catching on.”

Jennifer Clarke, 26, said: “They are different, I think the craze will catch on. It’s been huge in America and even Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen wearing them.

“They seem to be selling well. I think it’s a brave idea and some kids will love it as you can be collecting them, doing ‘swapsies’ and things like that.”

Natalie Arrigoni, 18, from Honiton, said: “Maybe, because of the different shapes. They are quite colourful, different things – that’s quite cool. It’s maybe more for younger ones than the old.”

Her friend, Siobhan Richards, of Honiton, added: “I’d probably not buy them. Maybe for the younger people but I’m not sure really. It’s just like an elastic band.”