‘Whinger of Willhayes” cleans up in Axminster

Peter Bunce picks up his bucket and brush to answer town councillor’s call for action

‘TIDY up Axminster’ campaigner Peter Bunce got off his backside to answer a call for action last week.

He pulled on his overalls and took a bucket and brush to give the town’s ‘welcome’ sings a much-needed clean.

He was responding to veteran town councillor Douglas Hull’s recent demand for “whingers” to stop moaning about the state of the town and do something to help.

They should “get off their backsides” and give a hand to make things better, he told the town council.

This week Mr Bunce - who dubbed himself “The Whinger of Willhayes” - said he had been more than happy to accept the challenge.

He told The Herald: “It’s nearly two years since I first attended an Axminster Town Council meeting to voice my opinion that parts of the town needed improvement, like Tesco’s roundabout, Rodney Rendell’s, Websters and the Guildhall frontage.

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“As there had been no action, six months ago I approached The Herald for some publicity for these matters, which resulted in a photograph and story of the sorry state of the Tesco roundabout.

“After that, there was still no progress or action, so I attended the recent town council AGM to put my points again. I later met with Mayor Andrew Moulding and discussed with him the proposed improvements to the roundabout.

“At the April meeting, I believe other residents also voiced their opinions regarding the lack of progress with these improvements.

“Recently I was somewhat shocked to read the front page story in the Midweek Herald, headlined “Whingers told to stop moaning”. I can only assume that I was one of these “whingers” to which Douglas Hull was referring! Like many other residents of Axminster I feel that the appearance of the town is important, not only for the benefit of the townspeople, but also for visitors to the town, and my questions to the town council were made in an effort to get a positive result for improvements.

“After reading the article I took Councillor Hull’s comments to heart and, with my bucket and sponge went and cleaned the three Axminster signs on the roads from Chard, Seaton and Honiton.

“Still in my overalls, I advised Councillor Hull of my efforts while he was in the office at the Guildhall.”

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