Who cares? We do!

The Midweek Herald takes your complaints to providers of domestic and personal care. Regulation changes need not cost the the new coalition government a penny.

AT the Midweek Herald, we take the care and wellbeing of our readers to heart.

That is why today we have acted on your comments about providers of domestic and personal care and approached two agencies for their responses to reader concerns.

We await their replies with interest and continue to liaise with all commissioning and regulatory bodies - to ensure agency clients get the service they deserve and are paying for. In some cases, you, the council tax payer, are footing the bill.

Watch this space to find out how Devon County Council is attempting to tackle one major concern. Does it work and does it leave private clients at a disadvantage?

The Midweek Herald will be calling for changes to better regulate providers of home services for the elderly or ill. And the new coalition Government will be pleased to learn that it won’t cost the state a single extra penny.

Watch this space for updates.