Why so much negativity in Seaton?

Doom and gloom and ‘constant conflict’.

Seaton, I love it.

I moved to Seaton after looking all over Devon for a place to live, I love the town and the people; everyone still has time to say hello and ask how you are, something that has disappeared from areas further North.

The only blot on the landscape is the continual need by some people to make a political issue and be negative - first Tesco and now St Clare’s.

The worst of this is the attack on the new council, which, in my opinion, is achieving more in this first year than those in power before did in four years.

We have Seaton in Bloom, ideas for the seafront, plans for the Jubilee, to name a few.

We also have our beautiful town hall coming back to life where we there are things for people to do and be involved in.

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Why the negativity, the doom and gloom, the constant attack and conflict?

It doesn’t benefit anyone, especially our town, and why do we want to start paying for a building to provide activities that are already here?

I believe this group was formerly ‘Stand up for Seaton’. Maybe, it is time for them to just Sit Down.

John Sullivan