WI members enthralled by history of Punch and Judy

That’s the way to do it!

THAT’s the way to do it! Honiton Evening WI members were intrigued, enthralled and amused by their guest speaker, Colin Johns, who totally captured their attention through the history of Punch and Judy - from the 14th century marionettes to the present day glove puppets.

There were no secrets kept from the audience as Mr Johns adeptly put together his puppet booth.

Punch, Judy, the baby, crocodile and other hand-made characters were passed around for all to see and try, then the fun began, when everyone was encouraged to cheer, clap and thoroughly enjoy the potted version of a typical Punch and Judy show.

After the entertainment, future plans for the club were announced. These include coffee mornings, a barbecue, theatre outings and competitions,

In complete contrast, at the next group meeting, there will be a talk on natural beauty. This will take place in the Methodist Church at 7pm on Tuesday, March 15.