Wilmington gymnast part of Spelbound group to win Britian's Got Talent

A FORMER Wilmington gymnast was part of the acrobatic act Spelbound to win the final of Britain s Got Talent.

A FORMER Wilmington gymnast was part of the acrobatic act Spelbound to win the final of Britain's Got Talent.

Douglas Fordyce, 20, performed on Saturday (June 5) with the group of 13 - wowing the reality show's judges.

The gymnast group, aged 12 to 24, were hailed by Simon Cowell as the 'most astonishing' thing he had seen on live television.

Douglas, who trained with the Honiton Gymnastics Club, is currently busy with television interviews in London.

His parents Margaret and Richard said they are very proud of their son - and brother Alistair held a party to mark the occasion.

Mrs Fordyce said: "It's been a whirlwind since Saturday night when it was announced they had won.

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"The finals were amazing and all the acts were really good. The atmosphere was unbelievable and I've never experienced anything like it in my life. There was also a feeling of camaraderie among the acts.

"We're just overwhelmed, my husband and I. These youngsters are all so good, and have worked so hard, and they've deserved it."

The group, who are set to take part in acrobatic World Championships in Poland next month, entered the competition to try to make their sport an Olympic event.

Mrs Fordyce said Spelbound, which was only formed in January, wanted to raise the profile of acrobatics. The athletes currently receive no funding, grants, sponsorship or equipment, and many fit their training schedule around schooling or work.

Douglas has a full-time admin job at a college, yet trains six days a week.

The name Spelbound is derived from Spelthorne gymnastics club, where the group met.