Seaton vegan hate mail card was A HOAX

Seaton butrcher Ron Norman. Picture: CHRIS CARSON

Seaton butrcher Ron Norman. Picture: CHRIS CARSON - Credit: Archant

Woman apologises to butcher Ron Norman for a joke which backfired.

And the card's less funny message

And the card's less funny message - Credit: Archant

An apparent hate mail card wishing a Seaton butcher a very MISERABLE Christmas has turned out to be … a hoax.

Signed ‘Seaton Vegan Society’ it was delivered to Ron Norman’s shop in Fore Street on Tuesday.

Instead of wishing him a Merry Christmas the sender had crossed out some of the letters and replaced them to read ‘Miserable Christmas’.

Mr Norman, who sells only meat that comes from farms with the highest animal welfare standards, was so upset he put the card on the counter so customers could read it.

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Many were outraged at what appeared to be a cowardly attack by the anonymous writer.

Customer Reg Gardner said he was appalled.

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“I think it is a shame to send this to a butcher who provides a service to those who enjoy meat and does his best for the wellbeing of the animals from which it comes.

“It is very sad that the vegan who sent it does have not the courage to deliver it personally or put their name on it.”

But now it has it emerged the card was sent as a joke by one of Mr Norman’s regular customers.

The woman went in to the shop and apologised for causing such an outcry with what she had simply intended as a bit of fun.

Mr Norman said he told her the Herald had already reported the story.

“She said it served her right,” he added.

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