Work and play

Time off is not a luxury - it’s a necessity.

I’m writing this whilst at a conference with lots of clergy and the Bishops of Exeter, Plymouth and Crediton.

It’s the Diocese of Exeter five-yearly attempt to get all of its vicars together and talking to each other - so far it has been interesting, challenging and fun.

We all need time out to allow us the opportunity to look at things differently – whether it’s holiday, retreat, family time, or an evening out. Most of us find it easy to slip into routine, always busy, working hard, doing the mundane but necessary things of life.

But time off isn’t luxury, it’s necessary.

We need to let our minds wander, or spend time talking to or being with our loved ones, or just doing nothing or we can quickly become jaded and lose our creativity and imagination. The Bible says that’s how God made us, to work and play.