Axminster-based charity delivers £1.1m worth of aid to Ukraine


Ukraine medic unpacking supplies with Luca Alfatti and Mark Hannaford from World Extreme Medics. - Credit: Perou.

An Axminster-based charity is sending a fourth convoy to Ukraine to deliver medical training and supplies.

World Extreme Medicine (WEM)'s initiative, known as Medics4Ukraine, was set up by WEM founder Mark Hannaford earlier in the year in response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

The first convoy arrived in Ukraine in April to deliver trauma kits and hard-to-obtain medical supplies as an act of solidarity with medics dealing with an ever-growing number of casualties.

Since they started there have been two further convoys delivering medical supplies in excess of £1.1 million – not including the value of the upcoming convoy.

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Luca Alfatti carrying a box of medical supplies - Credit: Perou.

Alongside the supplies, which include trauma kits, defibrillators, field dressings, compression bandages and tourniquets, chest seals, ventilators and combat stretchers for use on the frontline in field hospitals, the organisation is providing crucial training to Ukrainian medics.

Founder Mr Hannaford said: “Preparation for the fourth Medics4Ukraine convoy is in full swing and will be setting off shortly.

"Our highly experienced team aims to provide training for a further 300 plus soldiers and combat medics, and we will be delivering medication to several hospitals.” 

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Luca Alfatti will be training Special Operations medics in two key areas of Ukraine.

“The people of Ukraine are continuing to battle the Goliath on their doorstep, something they are doing with surprisingly good humour and a resolute outlook," he said.

Mark Hannaford added: “With our convoys we are taking an A-team approach - fast, effective and targeted - to provide support to those at the very heart of the fighting who are dealing every day with injuries caused by indiscriminate bombing – such as at the shopping centre in Kremenchuk when at least 20 died and dozens were injured.”

As part of the next mission, Mark is joining internationally renowned photographer Perou whose pictures will document the situation at a military and a paediatric hospital, highlighting the injuries sustained by soldiers and civilians including children.

The company relies on donations to keep running. You can donate to the gofundme page at


Medical supplies - Credit: Perou.