Worrying rise in fuel thefts at Seaton

Police issue warning after villains target outbuildings and sheds

ROCKETING oil prices have seen a worrying increasing in fuel thefts in the Seaton area.

Police are warning owners of sheds and outbuildings to be extra vigilant as villains are now targeting containers of diesel and petrol.

Earlier this month a number of allotment sheds, near Mounthill, were broken into and fuel stolen, and a similar theft occurred at a shed near Road Green.

In February outbuildings near a property at Coly Road were entered and two cans of fuel stolen.

Seaton police officer PC Steve Speariett said: “With fuel prices soaring it is likely that we will see further increases in the theft of fuel.

“Property owners are asked to record and mark all valuable equipment and we suggest that fuel containers are marked with their postcode using a permanent marker.

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“If anyone sees anybody acting suspiciously or carrying fuel containers, especially during the evening or night, they should the police straight away using the 999 system where appropriate.”