You use your old toothbrush for WHAT?

REVEALED: The amazing uses of old toothbrushes.

A NATIONWIDE survey looking into the UK’s oral health habits has revealed that we turn to a toothbrush for far more than an aid to keep our smiles pearly and white.

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the National Smile Month (which runs until June 15), the British Dental Health Foundation questioned over 1,000 people on what they do with their toothbrushes once thoroughly used.

The survey has now been successfully carried out and the results revealed. It has been proved that four in every five of us use our old and used toothbrushes for other purposes - helping to save money and around the home.

The results showed that four in every ten people use their old toothbrushes for cleaning grime and dirt off bathroom tiles, and that 28 per cent of our toothbrushes are often used in cleaning kitchen appliances. Both women and men also find that the brush of a toothbrush comes in handy if your jewellery’s looking a bit grubby.

The British Dental Health Foundation have proved that people over the age of 75 are three times more likely to reuse their toothbrushes for uses other than brushing their teeth than people between the age gap 16 and 34.

Furthermore, women are a third more likely to use toothbrushes for other things than their husbands.

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Research shows that we use toothbrushes as everyday products e.g. Women use toothbrushes for combing eyebrows, children use them for painting, we use them for cleaning cars, birdcages etc.

What do you use your old toothbrush for? Comment below.