Young Lyme girl taken ill after drinking binge

Police seized lager from youths in town gardens

A YOUNG girl needed hospital treatment after a drinking binge at Lyme Regis on Friday night.

She was with a group of young people in Langmoor Gardens who had earlier had 20 cans of lager seized from them by police.

Officers say that some time later she became so drunk her friends called her parents for help.

Community Beat Manager PC Richard Winward told The Herald: “Whilst on foot patrol in the gardens, we were aware that someone had been sick, and found, at the entrance to Langmoor Gardens a girl being held up by her friends.

“The girl could not stand on her own, could not talk and was totally out of it. Her parents arrived to collect her and were advised to take her straight to hospital at Dorchester or Exeter.

“Alcohol poisoning can result in death. With the lighter evenings coming, parents must know where their children are and what they are doing.”