Swimming is the best activity for making pre-school age children happy and creating special bonding moments with their parents, according to a new study. 

Nearly 7 in 10 (68 per cent) of parents surveyed across the South-West ranked their weekly swims with their children as the best time they spend together. 

The first research of its kind commissioned by Swim England also revealed toddlers being active in the water with their parents or guardians can lead to them enjoying better sleep and improved movement. 

The findings show that swimming not only boosts the physical and psychological development of youngsters but parents have also noticed many other benefits. 

Across England nine in 10 agreed it has helped to develop their child’s movement and co-ordination skills, with four out of five pre-school parents saying that swimming helps their child sleep better.  

To sign up to adult and toddler sessions at your local pool, visit www.swimming.org/loveswimming.