I'd like to concentrate my report on saying goodbye to two former popular Senior stalwarts of Axe Cliff, writes Dave Bruce.

Keith Wilson is going to live with his daughter in the sunny Algarve of Portugal. He will be 90 next month and has been a member for some 24. Keith was a very good player, getting down to a low handicap of 10.

Before golf, he was a wing half for Daventry United Football Club and played again to a very high standard. We wish him well in Portugal.

Keith was also a good friend of Sid Pember, who sadly passed away recently following the loss of his beloved wife Rose earlier this year. Sid was a lovely man and a good golfer on his day. He was always a delight to talk to and play with.

Geoff Hughes, Mark Wisby and I often stop on Sid and Rose's bench situated alongside our 10th Tee to take a break from our game and enjoy a few sandwiches and coffee before we get going again.

Sid and Rose donated the bench a few years ago and I believe they did something similar, giving our Town Council funds to improve a small spot in our Town.