After a hard journey with cancer, 18 year-old Olivia found her amazing form back at Honiton Gymnastics Club.

Olivia got involved with gymnastics at four years-old and her love for the sport quickly grew, as she found her passion for the Acrobatic discipline and since then, Olivia has made her way up through grades, regularly medalling at a regional level and competing at the British Champions in 2021.

However, a few weeks after competing in 2021, Olivia was sadly diagnosed with cancer.

The diagnosis led to Olivia having to receive seven months of chemotherapy. Olivia said: “My cancer diagnosis was a big hit to my gymnastics journey, as just two days before I had been put into a brand-new partnership. Having to immediately stop all training was never something that crossed my mind, having trained day in, day out — it was my life.

“Watching my sister, who also does Acrobatics and my mum (who is a coach), go off to the gym without me was a big struggle. However, the drive to return to gymnastics following my treatment was a big motivation for me.”

Touching upon how her fellow gymnasts and club supported her during her diagnosis, Olivia said: “They couldn’t have been more supportive throughout my journey. They never gave up on me! Even during the journey going back seemed out of reach but they kept me motivated and positive throughout. At the beginning I would pop in to watch them train still and see my friends, however, this became harder as the chemotherapy continued, as it wiped my immune system.”

Days after receiving her last chemotherapy, Olivia was back in the gym, much to her doctors and coach’s surprise. A month on, she was given the all-clear, and six weeks later, Olivia was back competing at her first competition again.

Talking about the whole journey, Olivia’s mum, Becky told us: “Before Olivia’s cancer diagnosis gymnastics was such a huge part of our lives. Olivia had so many things taken away from her, but I honestly believe that her love of the sport kept her going through the dark days. To see her now cancer-free and back doing what she loves, fitter and stronger than ever before, is just incredible.”