A calm dry day greeted ten anglers from Honiton SAC on their latest species hunt aboard the Boars Orca and Sambe out of Beer, writes John Sherlock.

The beach launch was comfortable for once with no water coming over the stern of the boats. The fishing, although not great, was steady with plenty of species being caught including Pout, Dogfish, Bull Huss, Smoothhounds, Congers, Pollack, Cuckoo Wrasse and Thornback Rays. The best Thornback falling to the rod of John Standford.

Shore anglers are finding that the fishing is beginning to pick up at last with Dan Patrick finding Thornback Rays in one of our estuaries. Slapton produced an early contender for our fish of the month competition for Newton Abbot angler Tristan Rowe in the form of a 16lbs 14oz Blonde, along with a Smalleyed ray of 6lbs 10oz Ray, whilst his fishing partner Terry Abbot landed a fine Smoothhound of 8lbs 10oz. The Rays taking a sandeel bait and the Smoothhound taking a whole squid and anchovy wrap.

Teignmouth SAC fished a video and release match which was won by Mark Symons with a lovely spotted Ray of 4lbs 12oz.

Newton Abbot FA waters are beginning to fish really well with a couple of good carp being reported. Tim Frost landed a 38lbs 8oz common known as Patches on a Max Attract ProFish white pop-up and Andy Shoer landed a massive 39lbs 4oz ghost carp.

Their latest match fished on Bradley Pond was won by Gary Webber with a bag weight of 20lbs 1oz fishing a feeder the next two spots were taken by Tony Potter and Mike Hadley with 12lbs 13oz and 12lbs 12oz respectively.

At Rocombe’s Spring Ponds, an unnamed angler was pleasure fishing and landed a Chubb estimated at over 4lbs. Plenty of good Carp have come out of Newbarn this week with Steve Allen landing a nice Mirror carp and Daniel H-Keay a 21lbs Mirror also.

Please keep emailing your reports and pictures to johnsherlockfish@gmail.com for our fish of the month competition kindly sponsored by Newbarn Angling Centre and Sidewinder Lures, alternatively I can be contacted on Messenger.