A total of 32 new runners gathered on a dark snowy evening all excited, nervous and motivated to embark on starting their Couch to 5k journey, hosted by Honiton Running Club, writes Judy Davey.

The eight-week programme is designed to help anyone wishing to start running safely and effectively, as well as welcoming returnees from injury or those in rehabilitation.

The course was led by Paula Ferris, a Level 2 running coach and her team of over 15 leaders and helpers, which is paramount to ensure the safe delivery of the course.

The eight-week course was a huge success with a grand finale park run at Seaton. All finishers received a wooden medal and huge respect from the whole club. The course was a tremendous success with a 72% pass rate and completion of course.

To build and continue their success, the opportunity to join the 5 to 10Km, seven-week running course is the next challenge, designed to enable runners to reach their 10km potential at the Ottery 10K event in May.

Honiton running club welcomes all new members and design club running sessions each week which accommodate runners of all levels, speed and pace.