Honiton 1sts sealed their first win of the season with an improved performance against Chardstock 1s.

Despite the day beginning with drizzle, the match eventually got underway.

Chardstock won the toss, resulting in Honiton batting first.

In an awkward start, Dave Haysom was bowled out at 1 in the first over, closely followed by John Hext.

With some sturdy batting against tight opposition, Honiton managed to limp to 66-2 at the halfway drink break.

At this time the rain intensified, and the match was cut short to 38 overs for each side.

Charged with boosting the batting pace, Kieran Conway excelled with a score of 74, knocking several balls into the neighbouring church.

Additional batting support from Nathan Groves, followed by Adam Holmes, led to Honiton closing their innings with 169-6 off 38 overs.

Post intermission saw Corey Lapping and Adam Holmes starting the bowling, creating several opportunities.

However, the key performances came from Alan Ostler and Brandon Knight.

Both managed to singlehandedly dismantle Chardstock's middle order through accurate and constricted bowling.

Midweek Herald:

This was much improved from their previous game due to the physical efforts from the team.

A minor setback occurred when John Hext was injured and had to be escorted off of the ground.

But Rob Ingram finished off the match, dealing with Chardstock's tail.

The match marked the first victory of the season for Honiton 1sts, displaying a significant improvement in their performance.

This has set a high standard moving forward.

A spokesperson for Honiton said: "Special thanks to Andrew Lapping for umpiring again and the Chardstock umpire who also scored on Play Cricket at the same time".

The team is now hopeful that with their improved performance, many more wins can be secured throughout the rest of the season.