Honiton 2nd XI were left with a lot of thinking and planning for their remaining matches in the season.

The team experienced a challenging game against Barnstaple and Pilton, undertaking their longest journey of the season.

Barnstaple, with the distinct advantage of using the pitch first, saw James Tapp and Dave Cresswell setting the tone for the game.

They quickly put in an impactful 46 for the first wicket, causing some early concern for the Honiton side.

Harry Haysom stepped up with a taste for victory, drawing Cresswell, who was then on a count of 21, into diving at a full delivery.

This action led to an advantageous edge to the second slip in which Haysom’s father, Steve, made his significant contribution of a fine catch.

Harry Haysom rounded off his six-over performance with figures reading one for 29.

Tapp, now joined by new batter Mark Tovey, raised the team total to 71.

Richard Hill produced an off cutter that slammed into Tapp's off stump. Tapp's innings of 33 had been made from just 46 balls with five fours.

This, however, would be the last taste of success for Honiton for some time as number four batter, Tim Norton, found his footing and began firing powerful shots across the pitch.

Honiton faced further blows when Harry Haysom and Will Smith suffered injuries preventing them from bowling the remaining two and four overs of their respective spells.

Lewis Blackwell clocked up a considered eight over spell with a final score of zero for 33.

Left with little choice but to rely on Court and Hill to finish off the match, Honiton were met with more frustration as the unyielding partnership between Norton and Cresswell continued.

Court eventually managed to break through Cresswell's defences, and Hill secured a much-deserved second wicket.

Norton steamed forwards undeterred, delivering high-powered strokes which saw him concluding the match unbeaten on 114 from 75 balls.

Barnstaple ended their innings on a high note, scoring 244 for 4 from their allotted 40 overs.

Honiton remained optimistic during the break, aiming for a run rate of six an over upon a strong wicket and quick outfield.

Unfortunately, their hopes were quickly dashed by an imposing combination of Barnstaple's exceptional bowling techniques and their own discouraging batting performance.

The only resistance came from Steve Haysom, who managed to score 27 runs before becoming the last Honiton wicket to fall.

With their innings closing on 54 for 8 and Harry Haysom and Will Smith unable to bat due to injuries, there was not much left for Honiton.

The match resulted in Barnstaple claiming the full 20 points, leaving a sore Honiton team to travel their journey home with merely three points to show for their efforts.

Barnstaple can commend their win to their most successful bowler, Josh Cresswell, who achieved three wickets for 25 from just six overs.

With thanks to Steve Haysom for the report.