The 2024 Tug of War Association National Outdoor Championships in Devon has been hailed as a success.

Held on June 15, in Offwell, the competition saw around 400 competitors from 20 different tug-of-war clubs from across the country, battling it out in varying weight classes.

Men's, ladies, and mixed teams were created by eight team members and each team worked to not exceed the weight limit for each class.

The day was dominated by the Lincoln Men's team and Bedford Ladies team.

Lincoln won five out of the six senior men's weight categories, with only Somerset's Felton Eccles preventing a total sweep by taking the 720kg weight class.

Lincoln Men's team dominated the dayLincoln Men's team dominated the day (Image: Jamie Dewsberry, TOWA)

Bedford Ladies mirrored this excellence, grabbing three out of four available in the ladies' weight categories.

Melton Mowbray Ladies however ensured variety by claiming the 500kg title.

Melton Mowbray Ladies claimed the 500kg titleMelton Mowbray Ladies claimed the 500kg title (Image: Jamie Dewsberry, TOWA)

Staying strong, Lincoln proceeded to win its sixth gold medal of the day, beating Devon's Anstey team to take the mixed-weight category.

This was a repeat win for them.

Anstey too celebrated, making their first-ever national championship final.

Junior teams also provided stiff competition.

The Upper Eden team from Cumbria claimed all available titles.

The Upper Eden junior men teamThe Upper Eden junior men's team (Image: Jamie Dewsberry, TOWA)

Wins included junior men 560kg, junior ladies 480kg, junior mixed 520kg, and the junior GENSB rules competition.

Anstey, despite losing to Lincoln, still bagged the bronze medal in the 640kg competition.

Honiton also made a mark, participating in men's and ladies' weight categories.

Though they failed to claim any medals, they gained great experience through sheer grit.

Despite initial weather hiccups, the day went on smoothly and all teams passionately pitched in to give their very best.

Tug of War Association spokesman, Alan Knott, said: "We had a great day.

"Despite a wet start to the day, the weather cleared and we saw a lot of keenly contested competition from all of the men's, ladies and junior teams taking part.

"It was great to see a lot of new teams and pullers taking part, particularly from the junior teams where we have seen a lot of growth this year, and it was great to see everyone enjoying some really tough competition, which was great for all of the spectators and visitors who came along to the event.”

Mr Knott also elaborated on the future course for the winning teams, stating that the winning teams from the national tug of war championships will go on to represent England at the British and Irish Championships in Melton Mowbray in August.

After that, they will take part in the World Championships in Mannheim, Germany in September.

He said: "We would like to take this opportunity to wish our England teams the very best of luck in their preparations for this event."

Along with thanking the Offwell committee and volunteers for their assistance, Mr Knott also encouraged potential enthusiasts to explore the sport.

The Tug of War Association extends a standing invitation for new members and teams to join.

They hope events like these inspire more people to give tug of war a go.

Finding enthusiasm, growth, and the spirit of fierce competition, the Tug of War Association is positive that events like these will continue to carry forward the tradition of this sport.