Feniton Bowling Club triumphed against tourist side, Bromley Town, pulling in a 99-80 win in a friendly match.

On the County Trophy's ground, the men’s team lost 59-83 against Sidmouth, failing on all four rinks.

The Over-60s Triples league saw the Hawks lose a neck-and-neck match to Otter Hawks by a single shot, 35-36. The Eagles could only manage to tie on one rink against Morchard Bishop.

Meanwhile, in the East of Exe mixed competition, the squad managed to overcome Cullompton by a slim margin of six points, finishing 67-61.

A particularly noteworthy performance came from the winning rinks of the match against Bromley Town - P Lawlor, J Mackintosh D Bowden, A Kury, J David, J Darkin, J Skinner and R Smith.