Any which way run

What to do on a fresh Sunday morning? Well you could have joined in the 97 runners who enjoyed the East Devon scenery from Southleigh to Branscombe on a nominal 14 or 9 mile run – “Any Which Way You Can”, writes Dave Mutter.

The shortest known route was a touch over 13m (with some flaky shortcuts ... you know who you are!) and the longest about 17m. As the name suggests there were no fixed routes twixt eight checkpoints where runners had to do a spot of maths and add up all their figures for the final total.

For the record AVR’s Jon Day – who had poured hours of research into the quickest route and Alex Todd (Team mud-dogs) were the long route winners taking two hours exactly.

Garry Perratt, Chris Keefe, Simon and Phil Bayliss were 10th in 2:24, but Garry did have a bit of an advantage as he set the checkpoints and questions! Graham Newton, Ian Apps, Andy Bowman, Dave Thomas, Eleanor Wood, Sam Anning and Klara Pritasilova were 18th, 2:31. Steve Lewis was 28th, 2:51 and Geoff Woodward with Mike Giles 31st, 2:54. Robin Cater was 33rd, also in 2:54. Si and Bec Davey with Tracy Kenworthy were 34th, 2:59.

Ian Clements, Chris Driver, James Guler and Lawrence Power were 37th, in 3:02 despite a strange detour at Branscombe village hall by Chris. Chris Irving, Richard Dodge, Pete Hughes, Jacqui Stokes, Martin Croad, Andy Sayers, Dave Mutter, Wayne Tooze, Nicky Ingarfield, Becs Creese and Simon Rowbottom were 45th in 3:18. Tim, Beth and James Sibley were 66th, 3:29.Debbie Payne, Chantelle Osborne and Carol Goddard, Bev Tarry, Sue Tubbs and Rachel Tytherleigh 71st, 3:53.

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Janette Mack and Marilyn Hughes ran the short version and were fifth in 2:24.

The event HQ was Seaton Scout hall and after the exertions of the morning everyone was provided with a delicious piping hot pasty donated by Ganesha Wholefoods Axminster or from Colyton Butchers and a nice cup of tea – a perfect end to a perfect morning activity – Roll on the Grizzly on March 11.

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Thanks to Janet Woodward, Irene Croad, Helen Goodman, Emma and Owen Todd, Jermaine and Ethan Day, for their time keeping and kitchen help. Delicious homemade cakes were sold and �160 was raised towards scout funds.

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