AVR duo Tim and Amie Sibley complete Ham and Lyme 50k Ultra event

AVR members Tim and Aime Sibley at the Ham and Lyme 50k Ultra event

AVR members Tim and Aime Sibley at the Ham and Lyme 50k Ultra event - Credit: Archant

The Ham & Lyme 50k Ultra is a 50km (31 miles) trail race that follows the Liberty Trail from Ham Hill near Stoke Sub Hamdon in Somerset to Lyme Regis and it took place on the first Saturday of July, writes Dave Mutter.

It was this race that Amie Sibley decided to be her first Ultra Marathon. Joined by husband Tim, and 200 others runners, they left Ham Hill at 9.30am with the knowledge that it was going to be a very hot day.

Taking it easy at the start and drinking plenty as the continued they soon started overtaking many runners who were struggling with the very tough and hot conditions. The race was very well organised with extra water stations added. After seven hours and 58 minutes, Amie and Tim reached the finish and were rewarded with a lovely medal.

The main point of interest at the Forde Abbey 10K was flies, flies, flies, like little black spots everywhere!

Everyone was covered in them when they arrived at the finish.

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They didn’t detract many runners from putting in fine performances with Robert Collier, fourth, first M40, 43:58; Matthew Hewer, 11th, 46:17; Tim Sibley, 30th, 49:43; Joel Seward, 36th, 50:47; Graham Newton, 41st, 51:39; Eleanor Wood, 43rd, first F55, 52:07; Richard Jackson, 49th, 53:42; Kerry Board, 51st, 54:02; Roger Bramley, 75th, 57:38; Alan Morbey, 86th, 59:16; Kevin Feeney, 96th, 1:00:55; Carol Austin, 107th, 1:02:27; Henry Smith, 108th, 1:02:49; Anders Larsson, 111th, 1:03:34; Nick Adams, 120th, 1:04:11; Paul Tolchard, 125th, 1:04:38; Samantha Miller, 143rd, 1:07:03; David Cooke, 168th, 1:09:46; Angela Ker,r 192nd, 1:13:59; Laura Kerr, 193rd, 1:13:59; Bec Davey, 194th, 1:13:59; Mark Spraggs, 195th, 1:13:59; Sandra Mortimer, 205th, 1:15:41; Julia Mallon, 213th, 1:17:10; Janet Cullum, 222nd, 1:19:25; Lesley Adams, 223rd, 1:19:30; Diane Newton, 230th, 1:21:57; Robert Kerr, 231st, 1:23:19; Janet Woodward, 262nd, 1:35:51; Aileen Heal, 264th, 1:35:51; Victoria Hirons, 265th, 1:35:51; Gillian Day, 266th, 1:35:51; Vicky Austin, 267th, 1:35:51; Carolyn Nation, 268th, 1:35:51; Rachael Tattershall, 269th, 1:35:51; Sam Summers, 270th, 1:35:51.

For the juniors George Chapman came second in the junior/primary school, 1,500m race at Forde Abbey and first for 10-12 age group in the Poppy run.

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