AVR members enjoy an ‘alternative Predictor run’


Running - Credit: Archant

AVR’s were invited to have a go at the Alternative Predictor run, writes Dave Mutter.

Normally, in Predictor runs, you all start off together on a known mileage route, the winner being the person who gets nearest to their predicted time.

Not being able to run together a slightly different version ensued.

Runners chose their route of known mileage, predicted their run time, but did not know what the criteria was for winning.

The criteria turned out to be the nearest to 20 seconds under their predicted time won it.

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Congratulations, to Sam Summers, who was only two seconds adrift on a 4-mile route.

On the other hand, the runner furthest away from their time was Paul Tolchard who was 15 minutes and 14 seconds adrift on a 4.8-mile route.

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Well done, to everyone who took part in a bit of lockdown fun.

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