Success for AVR in 10 Mile Bicton Blister

AVR at Bicton Blister. Picture: AVR

AVR at Bicton Blister. Picture: AVR - Credit: Archant

There was considerable AVR success in the 10 Mile Bicton Blister and 5 mile Bicton Lite, with James Green, Tim Lenton, Matt Clist and Terry Emmett winning the men’s team event in the Blister, writes Dave Mutter.

Both races were run over a somewhat muddy Woodbury Common and everyone had a great time. One highlight was Henry Smith, who arrived in his disco trainers forgetting his off-road shoes for the hardest, muddiest slog of the year and managed to get a PB.

It was triple AVR success in the latest Seaton parkrun that was won by Lee Moran in 18:00 with Simon Dimmock 2nd, 18:10 and Joel Seward 3rd, 18:58. Young Kendra Druce was the 1st Female in 21:00 followed by N1Tri's Jane Beech, 22:24 and AVR's Kerry Board, 23:10.

The AVR Blister results were: James Green 2nd, 1:03:25; Tim Lenton 7th, 1:06:19; Matt Clist 8th 1:08:01, 1st MV40; Terry Emmet 15th, 1:10:08; Lee Moran 18th, 1:10:56, 2nd M40; Matt Hewer 27th, 1:13:35; Tim Sibley 68th, 1:21:14; Karen Eyre 79th, 1:23:48, 2nd F45; Eleanor Wood 94th, 1:25:48, 1st F60; Andrew West 118th, 1:28:30; Ron Seward 125th, 1:29:40, 1st M65; Cliff Marriott 175th, 1:36:55; Vicki Wraight 193rd, 1:39:56; Henry Smith 223rd, 1:43:26; Angela Kerr 264th, 1:49:05; Janette Mack 299th, 1:54:54; Julia Mallon 323rd, 2:01:18; Helen Holmes 324th, 2:01:18; Jenny Ford 330th, 2:02:28; Rachel Tattersall 331st, 2:02:35; Kirsty Farrington 332nd, 2:02:35; Simon Cook 346th, 2:06:50; Martin Kerr 353rd, 2:09:05; Sandra Mortimer 356th, 2:09:33; Susan Wall 357th, 2:09:34 and Diane Newton 370th, 2:14:53.

The Bicton Lite AVR results were: Graham Newton 16th, 44:38, 1st M70; Nicola Rendell 23rd, 46:16; Catherine Moran 39th, 50:54; Thomasin Mincham 52nd, 52:33; Jo Orsman 53rd, 52:35; Lesley Adams 72nd, 56:12; Emma Ellyn 102nd, 1:02:45; Shirly Salter 104th, 1:02:59; Denise Burgess 109th, 1:03:42; Aileen Heal 116th, 1:04:37; Sam Summers 123rd, 1:07:38 and Maxine Sweetman 124th, 1:07:39.

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