AVR runners take on the Grizzly

PUBLISHED: 13:21 10 March 2020 | UPDATED: 13:21 10 March 2020

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0137 Picture: Terry Ife

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0137 Picture: Terry Ife


As a prelude to the main event the Grizfest runs were held on Saturday and were very well attended.

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0127 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0127 Picture: Terry Ife

In the 4K Junior Grizzly AVR had the first 3 boys with Harvey Green winning in 16:22, Sam Eyre 2nd, 17:04 and Harry Hodson 3rd, 4th overall in 17:43. First Female was AVR's Innes Fitzgerald 3rd overall in 17:35. Darcie Cockburn of Gold Start Runners was 2nd F, 18:36 and Lily Purchase of Exeter Tri 3rd F in 20:46.

The 2K Junior Cub for aged 8 and over was won by Charlie Wheeler of Honiton RC in 8:41 with Lewis Manley of Seaton Primary 2nd, 8:42 and Giles Burrough of St Mary's Scholl 3rd, 8:56. 1st Female was Ellie Birchall in 9:03 followed by Erin Woolcock of Oswestry Olympians, 9:08 with Darcie Green from Beer 3rd Female.

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0116 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0116 Picture: Terry Ife

The 2K fun run mainly for u/8's was won by Blake Villaroel of Seaton Primary in 16:10 with Rafi Maclure of Musbury Primary 2nd, 16:17 and Wilbur Sullivan of Tipton St John 3rd, 16:32. 1st F was Savannah Bower of Seaton Primary followed by Matilda Beddons of St Mary's School, 17:15 and Gabriella Pepper of Honiton RC in 17:43.

The winner of the best Grizzly decorated window was won by Totally Polished with runner ups Usula and British Red Cross.

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0114 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0114 Picture: Terry Ife

'One of the toughest yet' was heard time and time again as Cub and Grizzly runners euphorically crossed the finish line, many crying tears of joy; a few tears of pain but all having completed a gruelling challenge. The 20 mile Grizzly had an additional hill to normal reflecting the 'hills aplenty' strap-line for this year's race and the bogs were some of the wettest ever after Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge during recent weeks. Even the Cub runners following the glorious 9 mile coastal route to Branscombe and back had to navigate the steep, slippy and rocky path down to Branscombe mouth and the usual stream was more like a fast flowing river. One of the busiest teams at the finish line were the firefighters who hosed down thousands of pairs of muddy legs! 1,462 runners completed the Grizzly with another 585 finishing the Cub on a day when the weather brought four seasons in a day with sunshine, rain. a chilly wind and some impressive rainbows adding to the very special Grizzly atmosphere. There was even a wedding proposal at the top of the 'Stairway to Heaven' when Rachel Manns proposed to Tom Stonebridge.

The first Grizzly runner home and overall winner was Wayne Loveridge from Chard Road Runners, in an impressive 2:26.22 followed by Sam Kelly from Exmouth harriers in 2:32.10 and Steve Kenyon in 2:33.02 from Gloucester AC. Fourth place and first Axe Valley Runner for the second year running was Tim Lenton in 2:33.48. All the winners and first AVRs were presented with specially made plates by local potter, Gilly Humphreys featuring the Grizzly bear. In the women's race first place went to Elizabeth Dyson from Haldon Trail Runners in an incredible 2:48.29 which also put her 24th overall. Second woman home was Annabel Granger from Bristol and West AC in 2:51.50 with third place going to Amy Jones of South West Road Runners. Congratulations to Sue Hayes who was first AVR woman home in 3:25.58.

The winner in the Cub race was Toby De Gruchy from Sidmouth Running Club in 1:08.05 with AVR's Simon Dimmock second in 1:10.43 and just ahead of another AVR, Ollie Rodger who was third in 1:11.13. For the women, the first Cub finisher was Bristol and West AC's Catie O'Donoghue who was an impressive sixth overall in 1:14.56 with Taryn Murray second in 1:16.56 and third place went to Stephanie Moody in 1:21.48. First female AVR home was Lou Tucker in 1:29.51. Congratulations to all the winners but all those who completed the Grizzly or Cub yesterday should be proud and may wake with a few aches and pains today!

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0100 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0100 Picture: Terry Ife

Altogether 75 AVR's completed the Grizzly and the other finishers were: Patrick Devine-Wright 7th, 2:38:59; Robert Collier 27th, 2:50:33; Karl Hodson 43rd, 2:54:48; James Glennie 54th, 2:58:43; Matt Clist 55th, 2:58:53; Matthew Hewer 57th, 2:59:04; Lee Moran 61st, 2:59:45; Joel Seward 98th, 3:09:47; Chris Polley 170th, 3:23:45; Susan Hayes 184th, 3:25:58; Eleanor Wood 228th, 3:33:28; Ben Tucker 229th, 3:33:29; Simon Davey 237th, 3:35:02; Tim Sibley 241st, 3:35:54; Rupert Pady 265th, 3:37:31; Karen Eyre 266th, 3:37:31; Haydn Boehm 284th, 3:41:01; Kerry Board 304th, 3:43:30; Patrick Rosello 326th, 3:46:19; Fran Hodson 339th, 3:47:28; Patrick Kinsella 367th, 3:50:29; Joel Wilkins 388th, 3:52:52; Lee Cleal 459th, 4:00:47; Andrew West 498th, 4:04:21; Roger Bramley 500th, 4:04:28; Richard Jackson 507th, 4:05:04; Anthony Chadwick 508th, 4:05:11; Jake Sawer 534th, 4:07:45; Wayne Tooze 592nd, 4:15:30; Jamie Riley 607th, 4:17:01; Cliff Marriott 609th, 4:17:10; Revd Simon D'Albertanson 617th, 4:17:41; Paul Hilder 650th, 4:22:24; Steven Lewis 652nd, 4:22:45; Steve Haines 676th, 4:25:20; Stuart Olliver 677th, 4:25:21; Jason Potter 714th, 4:29:59; David Jefferies 720th, 4:30:58; Mark Day 806th, 4:39:34; Mark Holmes 808th, 4:39:34; Jeremy Slade 883rd, 4:47:34; Jeremy Norcombe 920th, 4:51:35; Geoff Rugg 924th, 4:52:02; Henry Smith 928th, 4:52:47; Mark Spraggs 931st, 4:52:57; Alex Boon 935th, 4:53:27; Ragnhild Kordt Richards 960th, 4:55:23; John Larcombe 996th, 4:58:49; Rosie Thoennissen 1,005th, 5:00:41; David Gedye 1,006th, 5:00:41; Andrew Hartnell 1,044th, 5:05:14; Georgia Dommett 1,064th, 5:08:12; Keith Agland 1,065th, 5:08:12; Ferenc Kovacs 1,067th, 5:09:10; Kristian Mears 1,092nd, 5:13:25; Amie Sibley 1,163rd, 5:23:42; Helen Holmes 1,174th, 5:24:54 and Julia Mallon 1,175th, 5:24:54. The next gang all finished together joint 1,178th in 5:25:44 in fancy dress celebrating 2 birthdays - Paul Tolchard, Margaret Pearce, Chris Hill, Caroline French, Yvette Hill, Sarah Herfet, Alan Morbey, Emma Richardson and Samantha Tooze. Simon Cook was 1,244th, 5:36:50; Sarah Shepley 1,246th, 5:37:12; Vicki Wraight 1,247th, 5:37:12; Alison Gould 1,318th, 5:51:59; Amanda Harris 1,364th, 6:03:56; Linda Butterworth 1,426th, 6:19:51; Tracy Chapman 1,427th, 6:19:52;

There were 46 AVR finishers in the Cub: Simon Dimmock 2nd, 1:10:43; Ollie Rodger 3rd, 1:11:13; Max Richardson 22nd, 1:24:43; Murat James Guler 24th, 1:25:14; Barry Follett 35th, 1:29:17; Louise Tucker 39th, 1:29:51; Ron Seward 43rd, 1:31:04; Jonathan Day 52nd, 1:32:46; Ethan Day 54th, 1:32:47; Martin Sawer 94th, 1:41:04; Simon Bayliss 114th, 1:43:28; Phil Bayliss 115th, 1:43:28; Katharine Moran 136th, 1:47:59; Chris Keeffe 143rd, 1:48:37; Geoff Woodward 168th, 1:51:29; Lizzie Fontes 177th, 1:52:28; Rebecca Eastburn 222nd, 1:58:39; John Whitaker 227th, 1:58:48; Ian Smith 228th, 1:58:48; Mark Spraggs 236th, 1:59:26; Lindsey Freathy 237th, 1:59:51; Simon Freathy 238th, 1:59:51; Marianne Sweetland 268th, 2:03:29; Jane Calvert 274th, 2:04:49; David Mutter 279th, 2:05:06; Janet Cullum 289th, 2:06:20; Gill Day 294th, 2:06:52; Diana Burn 338th, 2:12:29; Joanne Orsman 349th, 2:13:48; Jennifer Ford 353rd, 2:14:03; Laura Kerr 363rd, 2:15:00; Shaun Vinnicombe 365th, 2:15:01; Fiona Pyle 366th, 2:15:02; Martin Kerr 385th, 2:18:19; Rachel Hiscock 386th, 2:18:25; Sandra Mortimer 387th, 2:18:32; Denise Burges 443rd, 2:25:44; Carolyn Nation 445th, 2:26:09; Julie Heawood 446th, 2:26:09; Hayley Down 463rd, 2:28:40; Samantha Miller 479th, 2:30:37; Aileen Heal 512th, 2:38:40; Maxine Sweetman 519th, 2:40:49; Debbie Payne 527th, 2:42:43 and Daisy Forster 556th, 2:58:21. Sam Summers back marked and completed in 3:21:51.

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0085 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0085 Picture: Terry Ife

There are many, many stories to be told from another amazing event that would not be possible if it wasn't for the hard work of the AVR team of organises and especially race director, Tony Smith. The generosity of the landowners also means the Grizzly remains unique and a huge thank you must go to all the many volunteers and community groups who keep all the runners safe and encouraged throughout a very long day. Thanks to sponsors East Devon Sports Therapy Centre and Lyme Bay Wines for their sponsorship.

There was a massive 387 finishers in the Seaton parkrun boosted by Grizzly families that was won by Mark Spiller of Bishops Stortford RC in 17:15 with Jamie Marlow of Dacorum & Tring RC 2nd, 17:31 and AVR's Matt Hewer 3rd, 18:11. Justine Sheeky of Great Bentley RC was the 1st Female in 21:41 followed by Lyndsay Markham of Marlow Striders, 22:39 and Ellie Morris 3rd, 22:45.

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0083 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0083 Picture: Terry Ife

The Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0080 Picture: Terry IfeThe Grizzly Run 2020 Ref mhsp 11 20TI 0080 Picture: Terry Ife

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