Axe Cliff Seniors take on the three club challenge

Masters Champion Nigel Pritchard

Masters Champion Nigel Pritchard - Credit: Brian Thompson

The Axe Cliff Seniors had to make some very difficult decisions before going out to compete in their annual 3 Club Trophy.  
This is not about playing other teams but only playing with three clubs and one of the clubs has to be a putter. Mind you, for Seniors this can be a blessing in disguise, as they can forget quite easily what club they should be playing with anyway. 
My hot favourite was Masters Champion, Nigel Pritchard, who was looking to win his third trophy on the trot. I was so confident that I got my top photographer Brian Thompson to take this picture of Nigel but obviously he needs all his clubs as he didn't get on the podium, although still deserves to have his photo published for his recent wins.  
There is some debate on who actually won, as two players had 36 points, namely Eggman Paul Curtin and young relative newcomer Mark Wisby, but we are still trying to locate their score cards to see who had the best back nine, so I may have to confirm next week.  
I would give it to Mark, however, for scoring five points on the difficult 3rd hole with two 3-iron shots to within five yards of the green, a chip to 6 feet of the pin and one putt. I know because I was marking his card, His handicap did allow him 3 shots on that hole, leaving his gross par to be a net 1. 
Another memorable shot I witnessed was Brian Thompson's 9-iron drive on the difficult par 3 18th of some 150 yards uphill to end up on the green. Many professionals would have been happy with that shot. 
The only difference was that they would land on the green, whereas Brian did need two forward bounces. Andy Hopgood and Roger Hill were third and fourth with solid 35 points apiece. 
In my view, the greens are recovering and were a joy to putt on, so thanks to all the staff and volunteers for their hard work and patience.  
The Course looked amazing and, of course, we have stunning views to enjoy " 

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