Axe Vale Netball Club heading to Australia

Axminster to Canberra

Axminster to Canberra - Credit: Axe Vale Netball Club

While competitive netball may seem like a distant memory at the moment, enthusiasm for the sport remains refreshingly strong at Axe Vale Netball Club. 
In fact, members have decided that a virtual trip to Australia is the best way to satisfy their need for netball. 
The sport is thriving again Down Under, with the relaxation of their restrictions, so the ever-entertaining social media team at Axe Vale have challenged members to complete the 17,186km from Axminster to the Australian capital of Canberra. 
It sounds impossible but, by Axe Vale calculations, if all 200+ of their members can manage just under 9km per week, the target will be reached within 10 weeks. 
Members are encouraged to get involved by taking a walk, go for a cycle or a run, walk the dog, whatever can be done to get the team to Oz, with all efforts recorded on the Strava app. 
Good luck.  

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