Axminster find Lyme green heavy going

Yet another mixed bag of results this week. The pick of the results were a fine 8-2 win for the Championship side over a very strong team from Dorchester, writes Paul Moffitt.

Another very pleasing result was a fine win for the men in the first round of the National Top Club competition. They were drawn away to Bridport, never an easy fixture, and nearly came away with a clean sweep, Charlie Barber being desparately unlucky to go down in the four wood singles by a single shot.

The ladies came back to earth this week when they travelled to Bridport in Div 1 of the Dorset League. A fine win for Kathy Clissold’s rink was not enough to make up for the deficits on the other two and Lyme went down 8-2.

The men’s A and B teams are still struggling to find any kind of form but, having said that, Brian Parson’s rink in the A team has managed back to back wins.

Lyme’s green is disappointingly heavy for this time into the season and finesse bowling is giving way to a bit of ‘heave and hope’. Let’s hope this situation soon remedies itself.

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In the friendlies, the ladies came up against a very strong touring side from Warwickshire, losing on all four rinks.In the other two games Lyme did rather better, securing wins on both occasions.

Men’s National Top Club:Lyme 4, Bridport 1.

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2 Wood Singles: P Pomeroy 15, B Shortland 8.

4 Wood Singles:C Barber 20, C Thorne 21.

4 Wood Pairs:B Parsons/P Moffitt 22, B Iversen/B Payne 6.

3 Wood Triples:B Gillett/R Richardson/D Meylan 19, B Taylor/B Conisbee/B Rumble 15.

2 Wood 4’s: J Eaton,R McLennan,S Pomeroy,E Skeemer 24; B Jones,K Brooks,K Hickman, C Harp 8.

Men’s Championship:Lyme 53, Dorchester 49: J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 21-12; B Gillett, E Skeemer, P Eagles, P Moffitt 22-16; R Richardson, G Clode, D Meylan, C Barber 10-21.

West Dorset Men Div 1.

Lyme 42, Melcombe Regis 63: R McLennan, J Beadsley, J Wells, T Allman 16-23; A Preece, T Payne, J Moseley, J Irwin 8-26; M Thorner, P Stephens, D Pomeroy, B Parsons 18-14.

Div 2: J Andrews, B Stephens, D Wood, R Cridge 23-23; B Turpin, C Bell, R Moody, R Winterborne15-26; B Downes, H Keep, N Solomon, G Cozens 20-15.

Dorset Ladies Div 1: Lyme 48, Bridport 60: J Moffitt, M Gillett, J Parsons, K Clissold 30-12; H Dowling, D Courtenay-Smith, N Stephens, Chris Barber 6-23; Claire Barber, M Bartlett, L Broom, S Rowe 12-25.

Friendlies: Lyme Ladies 51, Warwickshire Ladies 90: H Dowling, T Poyner, J Kesterton, J Parsons 16-18; K Smith, S Applebee, J Wells, N Stephens 10-23; J York, S Wood, M Gillett, K Clissold 15-25; Y Moody, M Bartlett, J Moffitt, C Barber 10-24.

Lyme 80, Victoria Park 73: T Coldrick, JT Payne, Jill Wells, G Cozens 19-14; G Broom, K Gardiner, M Jones, J Moseley 22-22; L Jones, R Carnan, R Hobbs, N Solomon 23-9; D Red, B Downes, P Stephens, John Wells 16-28.

Lyme 142, Axminster 69: This was a hard ask for Axminster, playing as they do on a synthetic green, having to cope with what could only be described in racing terms as ‘heavy going’.

B Downes, D Courtenay-Smith, J Moffitt, R Edwards 24-13; V Cozens, K Gardiner, N Benson, P Moffitt 30-10; Y Moody, T Payne, A Preece, J Irwin 22-14; A Lole, C Bell, M Bartlett, B Parsons 15-12; Doris Read, J Hare, J Parsons, R Moody 19-11; J Andrews, B Turpin, J Beadsley, G Cozens 32-9.

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