Beautiful bowling days for Seaton and Honiton players

Seaton A Team captain Mike Macalpine

Seaton A Team captain Mike Macalpine - Credit: Seaton BC

Seaton Ladies' blue team are on a roll with five straight wins in a row, including a convincing success at home against Ottery St Mary, with Angie Mayhew, Ruby Grigg, and Pat Whitworth leading the way, while Marrian Vessey, Angie Mayhew and Lillian Hurley-Smith played top rink against Honiton.  

The men's A team had a narrow home win against Oakhampton, sharing the rinks one each but overall winning by one shot with Glen Elliott, Ken Shean, and Phil Critchard being the top rink.  

In the East of Exe League, Seaton enjoyed a comfortable home win against Cullompton, with the best rink score from Colin Mustoo, Margaret Nicholas, Pete Grigg, and Terry Hurley-Smith.  

There was a wonderful surprise for the team that traveled up to the charming Chardstock countryside to play a 4 rink-friendly, expecting the usual difficult green to play on, they found instead a very much worked-on and vastly improved surface.  

The home team, as always, were a friendly bunch with the sound of laughter echoing across the green throughout the match even when the local farmer chose to do a bit of muck-spreading in the adjacent field. Seaton narrowly won by two shots with the leading rink being Alan Densley, Gordon Manley, Christine Anton, and Glen Elliott    

The opening round of the Ladies and Gentlemens 4 wood first to 21 shots was held on Saturday with the wonderful kitchen crew, Ruby Grigg Norman Stone, and Margaret Nichols, providing nourishing food. 

Down the road at Honiton, a Mixed Friendly match away to Madiera and resulted in a 79- 67 victory. Joint Top Rinks were those of M Critchley, C Morfey, M Bright, P Baker (17 - 12) and H Chambers, J Granger, M (Toppo) Richards, G Osborne (18 - 13). 

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Ottery St Mary came to Honiton to play the other Mixed Friendly Match, winning (64 - 54). Top rink for Honiton was L Crook, S Wilcox, D Courtney and G Osborne (18 - 16). 

The Ladies Triples League match was close, with the Honiton Honeybees team beating Culm Vale (35 - 30). Top rink J Mackintosh, M Bright, B Maynard (20 - 14). 

Seriously close match

Seriously close match - Credit: Seaton BC

A tight measure

A tight measure - Credit: Seaton BC