Beer Blazers edged out by 3Ts in Honiton Netball League meeting

Netball and basket 1

Netball and basket 1 - Credit: Getty Images/Hemera

Beer Blazers and 3Ts found themselves in a nerve-wrackingly close game, writes Steph Upson.

Both teams started well with quick movement down the court from both sides and 3Ts edged ahead with one goal, ending the first 12 minutes 7-6. A fantastic battle continued between the teams with the attackers from both teams competing to get the ball to their shooters.

A couple of errors from 3Ts, paired with some deft defending, allowed the Beer-side to net more goals and lead by 15-12. In the third quarter, 3Ts' defensive pressure was a force to be reckoned with and some shots were missed by the Blazers. This permitted 3Ts to catch up and narrow the goal difference, bringing the score before the final quarter to a draw at 24-24.

It was all to play for in the final 12 minutes with both sides wanting to secure three points to assist them to stay near the top of the Division Two table. The last quarter started with trepidation and errors from both sides, but a little more so from the Blazers.

3Ts managed to pull ahead and secure two more goals, giving them the win by the sound of the final whistle. The game ended, 34-32 to 3Ts.

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