Blackdown secure Honiton Netball League Division One status

Honiton Netball League side Honeyz after their vicotry over Jurassics in the play-offs.

Honiton Netball League side Honeyz after their vicotry over Jurassics in the play-offs. - Credit: Archant

Honiton Netball League saw a return to a regular schedule of play-off fixtures after the rain that had seen all but a couple of matches postponed the week before, writes Steph Upson.

In Lower Division One group, HNC 3Ts were up against Blackdown. From the very first quarter, Blackdown dominated the court and took control of the game, despite good pressure and attacking from 3T’s Beth Perkins.

The Blackdown ladies enjoyed a phenomenal final quarter, scoring no fewer than 14 goals in 12 minutes, led by impressive goal attack Rachel Hopkins. It all left the final score 45-16 to Blackdown, and that is a result that secures their position in Division One.

The meeting between High Tide and Panthers was an exciting and close encounter. At the end of the first quarter, High Tide led by a margin of three goals. During the second quarter, Panthers managed to close the gap and, at the halfway mark, the contest was all square at 17-all.

The game continued to be very even with the ball moving constantly up and down the court with some fine play from Courtney Wilbor of High Tide and, at the end of the third quarter, the score was 23-all leaving all to play for in the final quarter. When the full-time whistle blew, Panthers, thanks to some fine play from Emma Davey, were 30-27 victors.

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In the Upper Division Two group there was another close contest between Beer Blazers and JD Tyres,

Tyres, with some excellent defensive work from Sam Brunskill, led by a margin of three goals at the end of the first quarter. However, in the second and third quarter, Blazers, aided by some excellent interceptions by goal defence Ash Taylor, closed the gap between the teams to a single goal. However, just when it seemed Blazers were set to take charge in the contest, they had a switch around of player positions and this may well have led to their ultimate downfall as JD Tyres sealed a 24-19 success.

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Pixies and Signs South West (SSW) also had played out a close contest before, at the final whistle, SSW banked the three points from a 33-25 victory.

Kirstie Dowle took the individual player honours for SSW while Georgie Selley landed the award for Pixies.

In the Lower Division Two group, TNC Tornados won their third game out of three since the play-offs began. Otter Valley are a force to be reckoned with, but Tornados have gelled well as a team throughout the winter season and this was evident in this contest, one that they won 29-22.

Kirsty Trude, as goal shooter, was the star player for Tornados whilst Pippa Wyatt’s work as centre meant she picked up the accolade for them.

The final match was between Jurassics and HNC Honeyz. Jurassics narrowly missed out on banking a point as they went down 22-9.

Chloe Bartlett’s work as Jurassics’ goal defence meant she was named her team’s Player of the Match whilst Sarah Lapping’s skilful and accurate shooting helped identify her as Honeyz’ top player on the night.

Latest play-off group tables

Division One

Upper Group P W D L F A Pts

Sidmouth Chicks 3 3 0 0 90 71 9

HNC Hot Shots 3 2 0 1 101 103 7

TNC Otters 3 0 1 2 88 100 4

HiQ 2 0 1 1 55 56 3

Flamingos 1 0 0 1 22 26 1

Lower Group P W D L F A Pts

Blackdown 4 3 0 1 113 78 10

Panthers 3 3 0 0 94 71 9

High Tide 4 1 0 3 78 102 6

Sidmouth Toucans 3 1 0 2 79 79 5

HNC 3 T’s 2 0 0 2 30 64 1

Division Two

Upper Group P W D L F A Pts

Sidmouth Eagles 2 2 0 0 58 33 6

Beer Blazers 3 1 0 2 82 80 5

SSW 2 1 0 1 61 68 4

JD Tyres 2 1 0 1 37 49 3

Pixies 1 0 0 1 25 33 1

Lower Group P W D L F A Pts

TNC Tornados 3 3 0 0 108 40 9

Cranbrook Arrows 3 2 0 1 95 50 7

Otter Valley 2 1 0 1 51 51 4

HNC Honeyz 3 1 0 2 50 74 4

Jurassic’s 3 0 0 3 20 109 0

Player of the Match award winners from latest matches

HNC 3Ts - Beth Perkins; Blackdown - Rachel Hopkins; High Tide - Courtney Wilbor; Panthers - Emma Davey; Pixies - Georgie Selley; SSW - Kirstie Dowle; JD Tyres - Sam Brunskill; Beer Blazers -Ash Taylor; TNC Tornados - Kirsty Trude; Otter Valley - Pippa Wyat; Jurassic’s - Chloe Bartlett; HNC Honeyz - Sarah Lapping

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