Bowling takes over Lyme’s week

Lyme Regis Bowling Club: This has been an extremely busy week for the club, with the start of the men s leagues and no fewer than six friendlies.

Lyme Regis Bowling Club: This has been an extremely busy week for the club, with the start of the men's leagues and no fewer than six friendlies.

Add to that all the various preliminaries in the county games, some people have seen very little of their partners or homes!

The main weather feature has been the strong, and at times very cold, winds which not only make the actual bowling tricky, it makes those competing cold very quickly.

The men have had varying luck in the league, the championship team taking the maximum from their encounter with local rivals Bridport, whilst the 'A' team were narrow losers at Greenhill.

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The 'B' team had a nightmare at home to Dorchester; it's going to be a testing season having moved up a division.

The ladies had a superb win at Broadstone, taking all 10 points. This must be the strongest start the girls have made for a few years and augers well for the rest of the season.

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The ladies also took all the points in their Edna Paisley encounter with Bridport Blue.


Dorset Men's Championship: Lyme 55, Bridport 39.

B Gillett, C Barber, D Meylan, M Preston 16-14; P Moffitt, K Hickman, G Stockley, P Eagles 16-15; J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 23-10.

West Dorset Men's Div 1: Lyme 'A' 57, Greenhill 'A' 64.

P Stephens, D Pomeroy, T Allman, J Wells 19-23; M Knight, J Beadsley, J Irwin, D Perry 27-9; R Richardson, James Perry, C Matthews, John Perry 11-32.

Lyme 'B' 29, Dorchester 'A' 74.

M Clark, R McLennan, D Wood, B Parsons 12-28; M Thorner, R Cridge, J Belger, G Cozens 10-21; B Downes, J Moseley, R Moody, A Preece 7-25.

Dorset Ladies' League Div 2: Lyme 54, Broadstone 47:

M Bartlett, D Courtenay-Smith, N Stephens, C Barber 18-16; K Smith, S Eaton, J Perry, A Allman 18-15; P Cole, V Cozens, J Kesterton, S Rowe 18-16.

Edna Paisley: Lyme 47, Bridport Blue 22.

J York, T Poyner, L Broom 32-8; Y Moody, M Wheeler, J Moffitt 15-14.

Friendlies: Lyme 109, Pinces Gardens 96:

K Smith, N Benson, J Parsons, John Wells 21-13; S Dowling, M Wheeler, R Moody, J Irwin 26-23; Jill Wells, H Dowling, H Keep, Chas Barber 30-14; Y Moody, T Poyner, B Smith, B Parsons 15-26; A Rattenbury, B Stephens, R Edwards, Chris Barber 17-20.

Lyme 87, Chardstock 72:

James Perry, R Cridge, E Rodgers, D Meylan 19-22; M Clark, K Gardiner, K Fountaine, J Belger 32-12; K Farragher, A Brown, E Skeemer, B Parsons 25-17. A Lole, T Coldrick, R Turpin, P Moffitt 11-21.

Lyme 128, Sherborne 128:

S Wood, L Broom, N Benson, B Collier 9-23; H Dowling, D Courtenay-Smith, W Smith, R Edwards 23-9; K Smith, R Carnan, P Stephens, Jean Perry 30-16; P Cole, K Gardiner, J Kesterton, A Preece 17-21; A Rattenbury, G Clode, E Rodgers, G Cozens 19-24; P Moffitt, T Poyner, N Stephens, D Perry 16-19; S Dowling, S Applebee, D Wood, J Moseley 14-16.

Lyme 137, Honiton 94:

B Downes, S Wood, E Rodgers, Chris Barber 24-11; Y Moody, M Bartlett, S Dowling, M Knight 23-20; P Cole, S Applebee, E Skeemer, N Benson 28-17; D Read, C Bell, D Wood, R edwards 20-19; J Beavis, D Courtenay-Smith, B Parsons, H Keep 17-19; H Dowling, T Poyner, R Moody, Chas Barber 25-8.

Lyme 79, Severalls 72:

B Cursley, E Skeemer, G Cozens, H Keep 23-13; J Brown, J Mosley, James Perry, P Moffitt 24-23; K Farragher, V Cozens, J Moffitt, A Preece 13-23; A Brown, R Cridge, B Gillett, D Perry 19-13.

Lyme 133, Ottery-St- Mary 75:

K Farragher, J Beadsley, W Smith, K Fountaine 25-8; A Brown, J Moseley, P Moffitt, G Cozens 22-14; C Clissold, T Poyner, R Moody, R Edwards 17-13; D Read, K Gardiner, James Perry, A Preece 28-14; J Brown, E Skeemer, H Keep, T Allman 25-13; Y Moody, R Hobbs, E Rodgers, D Perry 16-13.

By P Moffitt

Lyme Regis Bowling Club

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