Chardstock B up to third in Over-60s table

Sidmouth bowls mixed pairs competition. Ref shsp 23-17TI 3930. Picture: Terry Ife

Sidmouth bowls mixed pairs competition. Ref shsp 23-17TI 3930. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

It has been a splendid couple of weeks for the Chardstock B team playing in the Exeter and District Over-60s Triples League, writes Vaughan Fletcher.

First up, they travelled to close division rivals Chagford, where they drew 31 shots all with the rink of G Bodily, B Howard and T Dredge winning 13-12.

The following week they banked maximum points from a 41-20 win at home to Sidmouth C in a match that saw them win on both rinks. There was a 27-7 success for G Bodily, B Howard and T Dredge while the rink of J Keats, N Barron and W Kerr were single shot winners at 13-13. The two results leave Chardstock B sitting third in Division Seven with fourth placed Chagford a single point behind.

Recent Results:

Exeter & District Men’s Over-60s Triples League

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Chardstock A 25, Dunkeswell 33: K Warren, J Rolph, M Toms (19-12); M Rogers, K Wakelin, N Denslow (6-21)

Chagford B 31, Chardstock B 31: N Barron, D Eldridge, W Kerr (18-19); G Bodily, B Howard, T Dredge (13-12)

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Chardstock A 39, Exonia C 25: V Fletcher, M Toms, N Denslow (9-13); M Copp, J Rolph, J Porter (30-12)

Chardstock B 41, Sidmouth C 20: J Keats, N Barron, W Kerr 14-13; G Bodily, B Howard, T Dredge (27-7)

East of Exe League

Tiverton 88, Chardstock 45: J Pratt, A Badley, D Eldridge, G Campbell (8-28); V Fletcher, M Copp, G Bodily, D Hatcliffe (10-17); N Barron, A Sebright, Adam Dredge, T Dredge (13-20); V Barron, E Rolph, S Hatcliffe, J Rolph (14-23)

Friendly Matches

Seaton 74, Chardstock 59: P Waddington, A Bosence, J Keats, S Jeffrey (17-13); M Copp, V Barron, G Bodily, A Dredge (18-13); N Barron, J Currie, R Pratt, T Dredge (14-17); J Townsend, N Mugridge, J Pratt, M Toms (10-31)

Chardstock 97, Wellington 69: A Badley, A Callagan, T Dredge (30-10); N Mugridge, Jeanette Porter, John Porter (20-10); D Ellis, V Fletcher, J Rolph (20-9); M Davenport, J Currie, A Dredge (15-14); B Fifield, B Howard, E Rolph (12-26)

Sidmouth ladies 56, Chardstock ladies 34: M Davenport, C Bradford, E Rolph (12-18); V Barron, A Sebright, G Campbell (10-18); P Waddington, D Emery, R Pratt (12-19).

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