Chardstock bowlers welcome the return of the Nomads

PUBLISHED: 11:10 13 June 2019

Sidmouth bowls mixed pairs competition. Ref shsp 23-17TI 3932. Picture: Terry Ife

Sidmouth bowls mixed pairs competition. Ref shsp 23-17TI 3932. Picture: Terry Ife


The first Sunday of June saw Chardstock bowlers host a meeting with the Nomads, a group of bowlers from all over the south of England, who play matches to raise money for charity, writes Vaughan Fletcher.

Fortunately the rain in the area stayed away and a lovely afternoon was had by all.

The match was won, somewhat empathically, by the home side with the final score being 121-67. The top scoring home rink was the one of Jeanette Porter, D Hislop, M Copp and John Porter, who won 39-8.

In the Exeter and District Men's Over-60s Triples League, Chardstock A continued their winning ways with a 39-28 success against Feniton Eagles with the top scoring rink the one of K Warren, D Ellis and N Denslow, 24-14.

However, the B team went down to a 52-23 defeat away at Belmont B.

Recent Results:

Exeter & District O60s League

Chardstock A 27, Crediton B 27

B Andrews, J Rolph and J Porter, 16-11; K Warren, K Wakelin and M Toms, 11-16

Pinces C 33, Chardstock B 32

G Bodily, N Barron and B Howard 14-19; J Currie, J Keats and D Eldridge, 18-14

Chardstock A 39, Feniton Eagles 28

B Andrews, K Wakelin and J Porter, 15-14; K Warren, D Ellis and N Denslow, 24-14

Belmont B 52, Chardstock B 23

G Bodily, N Barron and T Dredge 9-23; J Keats, D Eldridge and W Kerr, 14-19

East of Exe League

Chardstock 61, Feniton 71

A Badley, V Barron, R Pratt and Ann Dredge, 15-10; M Copp, J Pratt, E Rolph and G Campbell, 15-23; G Bodily, N Mugridge, S Hatcliffe and J Rolph, 25-12; N Barron, D Hatcliffe, D Eldridge and T Dredge, 6-26

Friendly Matches

Chardstock 54, South Petherton 82

E Van der Meulen, M Copp and J Marks, 12-17; A Callagan, J Townsend and R Pratt 13-26; P Baldwin, D Hislop and J Rolph, 17-18; A Bosence, J Currie and J Pratt, 12-21

Chardstock 48, Bridport 74

E Van der Meulen, J Currie and B Howard 6-33; A Badley, A Callagan and M Toms 16-13; N Mugridge, D Ellis and J Rolph 12-16; A Bosence, P Baldwin and J Keats, 14-17

Chardstock 121, The Nomads 67

Jeanette Porter, D Hislop, M Copp and John Porter 39 - 8; K Warren, N Mugridge, N Barron and J Rolph, 20-15; P Baldwin, A Callagan, V Fletcher and W Kerr, 15-17; C Braford, V Barron, B Howard and G Bodily, 27-11; D Ellis, A Sebright, J Keats and G Campbell, 20-16

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