Colyton Skittles League latest - Mike Hussey Memorial Pairs

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Mike Hussey Memorial Pairs Cup qualifying results - the top two pairs to final on presentation night at Cloakham Lawns (Millwey Rise, Axminster), on May 5, 80pm start.

Results from the various venues.

Honiton WMC group.

Gordon Parsons and Brian Pike (Colcombe A) 94; Steve Thornton and Mike Gillard (Volunteer A) 92 won play-off against V Dave Hedditch and Anthony Down (Converts) 14-13; L Burke and M Clode (Rising Sun B) 90; J Woodford and R Chambers (Sidbury Stones) 82; T Reynolds and M Bleaken (Colcombe B) 82; B Stuckey and E Wraxhall (Axe Con A) 81; D Blackmore and K Gush (Vine B) 77; T Bennett and M Richards (Hon Con A) 77

Axminster Conservative club Group.

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Colin Coulson and Graham Hayball (Cloakham Wanderers) 101; Tom Patch and Frank Pearse (Tuckers Arms C) 96; S Kowal and B Dicks (Lamb B) 88; T Wills and Michelle Wills (Colcombe Nomads) 86; D Park and C Ziemann (Seaton FC B) 86; P Garner and P Miller (Cloakham B) 83; J Hartnell and G Greenslade (Colyton club A) 81; N Cook and Janet Cook (New Inn B) 80; D Crabb and J Willis (Heathfield A) 78; A Hurford and B Dowell (Kingfisher B) 78; A Palmer and D Morgan (Axminster Inn A) 76; M Johnson and J Williams (Gerrard A) 76

Red Lion Sidbury Group.

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John Beaton and Paul Warren (Red Lion Sidbury) 102; Derek and Malcolm Wakley (Hon Con D) 98; J Gostling and M Hoskins (Tuckers Arms A) 95; S and O Fuller (Sidmouth Arms Kings) 92; Annie and D Bennett (Tuckers Arms D) 75; R Webb and N Jones (New Inn A) 71; J Richards and M Berry (Colyton Club B) 66

Colcombe Castle Group.

Mike Griffiths and Rob Collier (Kingfisher A) 129; Steve and Justin Somers (Kings Arms Beers) 110, won play-off against V Joanne Flint and Andrew Beer (Red Lion A) 20-17; K Munt and P Norman (Vine Nomads) 103; J Lockyer and J Monkhouse (Offwell A) 101; D Purrington and Sally Denning (Winstons KOOTS) 97; Hazel Smith and Ann Wright (Seaton Bowling) 92; M Parkinson and D Jones (Hon Conartists) 91; P Gibbins and P Bowler (White Hart B) 88; L Stubbs and M Riggs (Offwell B) 87;

Honiton Conservative club Group.

Richard Seward and Lorna Gould (Tuckers Arms B) 101; Harry Harris and Mike Summers (Red Lion Cavaliers) 95; Margi and C Maher (Vine A)91; Jenny Broom and M Glaeser (Heathfield B) 90; P Squire and C Hammett (Wheelwright A) 89; G Ruck and J Smith (Village Inn) 86; C and B Hutchings (Eagle Tavern) 85; P Richards and S Land (Wilmington Harts) 82

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