Cricket - The great debate on how to get the game back on!

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There has been plenty of debate in recent days about ‘how cricket can return’ in terms of the local game.

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Brian Cann, who has graced local cricket grounds, probably for more campaigns than he cares to remember and served, with distinction, the likes of Honiton, Feniton and current club Seaton, says: “Please... 8-a-side is going to make that much difference! Really? Look, it’s not rocket science is it? OK, time is against any meaningful league schedule now, but what’s to stop 11 players rocking up to play against 11 others. All arriving at the venue changed and ready to go. Hand sanitiser could be used at the end of each set of 10 overs. For my money, the benefits of us getting back to playing and, potentially, not losing a set of youngsters to other sports because they’ve been starved of cricket in 2020 and taken up the sports they can get involved in now, outweigh the risks of a sport that is, after all, played in big wide open spaces to ensure social distancing with plenty of fresh air to boot. Let’s get on with it.”

Seaton skipper Ben Morgan’s view is that if any cricket can be played this summer then it ought to focus on being inter-club with the emphasis being on getting some bar revenue into the clubs.

He says: “I am not too bothered about ‘how-many-a-side’ we play as I don’t see that as a big issue. I am much more concerned about the lack of revenue we, as a club, have been able to bring in this summer and so, even if we had a six week window for cricket this season I’d like to see it used for in-club matches – all of course within whatever guidelines are in place – with a view to us being to at least get some money moving through club accounts from the bar and any other socially-minded events we could come up with.”

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He added; “I’d certainly not be in favour of making a trip, let’s say, to North Devon, for an 8-a-side fixture that had no meaning to it. It’d be far better for us to keep it all very local and, as I say, get some revenue into the cub so we all come back next summer with every club still in place and not having gone to the wall for a lack of funds.”

Kilmington CCs Brett Garner says: “I’m very much in the camp that says any form of cricket would be a positive etc. However, I really cannot see any difference in 8-a-side to 11-a-side. Irrespective of it being eight or 11, you’d still need to get changed in small groups and get teas in groups and try eat outside if possible!

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“Yes, to my way of thinking it would be nice to get something going and we have an extra special desire to play some cricket this year as we want to see how our new wicket plays!”

Upottery skipper Mark Joyce’s take on it all is: “I think 8-a-isde would certainly be better than nothing. However, from my point of view the biggest concern then would be if I’d get a game or not as I fancy, I might be number nine in terms of the ‘pecking order’!”

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