Double-header for Honiton juniors against Cullompton

Great team play from the Honiton Juniors

Great team play from the Honiton Juniors - Credit: Honiton RFC

Honiton Rugby Club’s Under-10s played their socks off, despite only fielding enough players for one team, to take on the visitors’ two teams. 

Parents and supporters were well entertained by impressive tackling, fancy footwork and speedy runs. Both teams scored plenty of tries, and Honiton were positioning their players much better, to avoid leaving too many wide open spaces.  

Physical strength and confidence are building well, as is an understanding of the game, which will hopefully result in more passing prior to being tackled, to help get a team-mate over the try line. 

In a greatly contested game, Honiton Dimonds Under-11s displayed expert rucking and precision passing, with the hard work spent honing these skills on Tuesday evenings showing positive results. 

Team awards went to Tom for his elusive running, Ruben for his solid tackling and textbook rucking, while George B took the clubman award for his never-give-up attitude on the field.

Defending as a unit

Defending as a unit - Credit: Honiton RFC

Honiton junior racing for the line

Honiton junior racing for the line - Credit: Honiton RFC

Early steps on the rugby journey

Early steps on the rugby journey - Credit: Honiton RFC

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