Five marathons in five days - that means it is Forces March time again

If you have ever considered running a marathon then you realise just how much training is involved to get around those 26.2 miles in a decent time, writes Dave Mutter.

Now consider running not one, but five marathon’s on five consecutive days, especially when you are not that young.

Well, on May 22, Steve ‘Retro’ Reynolds and Geoff Woodward started for the fourth time on the on the Forces March. The March, which begins from Ilfracombe and finishes at Bulford Garrison, is organised by the Veterans Charity and is five marathons on five consecutive days.

The pair got off to a shaky start in blustery winds with Retro running full of a cold and running a temperature.

Nevertheless the pair completed the first leg of 28miles in just over five hours.

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After a kill or cure night under canvas, Retro, now feeling a bit more sprightly and Geoff set off again.

Day four was enlightened with the arrival of Geoff’s wife Janet and daughter Chelle, who gamely tackled leg four of 25miles and was very pleased with their time of 5:02.

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Janet took charge of the catering from then on, but Chelle, not about to be overshadowed by old man Geoff, decided also to do the fifth leg of 27.1 miles. The three were elated to cross the finish line, Chelle having covered 52.1miles and Retro and Geoff completing all five legs totalling 136miles in an accrued time of 24 hours, four.

Although 40 minutes slower than last year they were reminded about being older and a few pounds heavier this time!

They can however take comfort in breaking the £11,000 mark raised over the last four years for the charity.

Both Geoff and Retro would like to thank everyone who sponsored and supported them and for the training and help from Axe Valley Runners.

Finally the crazy fools have vowed to do it all again next year. If you would like to support Steve and Geoff then please contact either or to give your very welcome donation.

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