Half way through club finals

Rattenbury family on top form

The first full day of the club internal finals took place on Saturday with the remaining finals to be played on September 14.

Perhaps the only real upset was the ease with which Clair Barber despatched Ann Allman in the ladies’ handicap singles. Ann later took her revenge when she managed to take the Ladies’ 2 wood title with a narrow victory over Val Cozens.

The Married Couples final was an eagerly awaited affair between the Rattenburys and the Barbers, both previous winners. This was a nip and tuck game and in-form and accurate Barry Rattenbury was the main factor in the Rattenburys three shot win.

In the men’s singles Paul Pomeroy dismissed Peter Eagles in three straight sets, Paul also accounting for Charlie Barber in the 2 wood by four shots. In the 2 wood Mixed Pairs, Nola Stephens and John Beadsley overcame a rather jaded performance from Malcolm Clark and Bill Payne to win by six shots.

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In the ‘Fillies’, Ladies’ captain Jan Parsons overcame the tenacity of Diana Courtenay-Smith by seven shots. One of the more amusing pastimes of the day, for those of us who were spectating, was to see who managed to deal best with the attention given to them by wasps!

Results: Club Finals:

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3 Set Singles: P Pomeroy beat Peter Eagles 7-2,7-5, 7-3.

Married Couples:

Angela and Barry Rattenbury 17, beat Chris and Charlie Barber 14.

Ladies’ Handicap Singles: Claire Barber 21, Ann Allman 6.

Ladies’ 2 Wood Singles:

Ann Allman 16, Val Cozens 12.

Men’s 2 Wood Singles:

P Pomeroy 15, Charlie Barber 11.

Mixed 2 Wood Pairs:

John Beadsley and Nola Stephens 16, Malcolm Clark and Bill Payne 10.

The ‘Fillies’: Jan Parsons 21, Diana Courtenay-Smith 14.

Other results: West Dorset Men Div 1

Lyme 71, Sherborne 59:

J Beadsley, C Vere, T Allman, J Wells 29-20; A Preece, G Clode, J Irwin, D Perry 18-20; M Knight, P Stephens, D Pomeroy, B Parsons 24-19.

Friendlies: Lyme 83, Leicester Cavaliers 101:

J Moffitt, H Keep, K Fountaine, E Skeemer 13-11; R McLennan, S Applebee, R Winterborne, G Cozens 7-16; K Smith, J Perry, R Moody, B Collier 15-18; J Beavis, T Payne, B Parsons, N Stephens 16-16; Jill Wells, P Stephens, J Parsons, P Moffitt 10-29; J Irwin, A Preece, E Rodgers, John Wells 22-11.

Lyme 105, Weston Bath 135: Y Moody, R Turpin, R Hobbs, E Skeemer 19-15; C Clissold, R McLennan, E Rodgers, S Rowe 23-17; A Lole, A Brown, J Beadsley, J Irwin 10-28; J Brown, A Preece, D Wood, K Clissold 18-27; J Andrews, T Payne, J Moffitt, D Meylan 10-30; B Downes, S Applebee, N Benson, P Moffitt 25-18.

Lyme 83, Wingrave 125: A Lole, R McLennan, R Moody, G Cozens 8-25; T Payne, H Dowling, J Kesterton, E Skeemer 14-22; Y Moody, S Dowling, J Beadsley, N Stephens 12-28; G Broom, G Clode, A Preece, Chas Barber 20-18; V Cozens, P Stephens, Chris Barber, R Winterborne 16-8; P Cole, D Courtenay-Smith, E Rodgers, B Gillett 13-24.

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