Harpford Woods Trig maze

The Four Trigs covers 17 miles of finest East Devon scenery "with an obscene amount of climb" but just doing it once isn't enough for some.

Garry Perratt and Alex Todd got up early to nip round before the race but Garry crashed and burned halfway so the pair bailed and ran directly back to the start, Garry in no fit state to start the race.

But it's amazing what a rest and drink will do so he duly lined up with the other 100 runners in somewhat warmer (and lighter) conditions than three hours earlier. Alex went hooning off as usual, a mere 13 miles not having dented his spirit, was leading at half way but then began to struggle and finally finished seventh in 2:31:18, 10 minutes behind the winner.

Birthday boy Chris Keeffe was second AVR, 13th in 2:48:34 but should have been third. Fortunately for him, Guy Lavender's sense of direction led him astray a few times, most notably in the newly-felled Harpford Woods, notorious for losing runners at the best of times, so he only managed 20th in 3:08:48.

Graham Newton, Eleanor Wood and Andy Bowman ran most of the race with North Devon Road Runner Simon Oliver but split after the last trig on Weston Cliff with Newton and Simon moving ahead. Graham and Oliver finishing 28th in 3:14:32. Perratt's good start faded just over halfway and he crashed and burned again climbing out of Harcombe. Bowman began to struggle so Wood pushed on to catch the boys, taking pity on Perratt as she passed and gave him the remainder of her go-faster juice. This nearly backfired on her since it kicked in after 10 minutes or so and gave him the energy to chase after her and the boys but he couldn't quite make it so Wood finished 30th in 3:14:33, Perratt 31st in 3:14:34, Bowman, 36th in 3:21:50. Sue Tubbs ran with hubbie Neil, finishing 56th in 3:47:08. Jon Day had recovered from his recent health issues to back-mark a gaggle of girls around the first three trigs; Jess Tubbs did an excellent jobs of leading Alison Gould, Claire Moles, Tracey Stone, Kelly Dack, Sam Tooze and Pixie the dog round in 3:43:56 with Jon continuing via the last trig to finish 76th in 4:24:17.

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?Three AVR’s travelled to Bishops Caundle to take part in the Blackmore Vale half marathon. Geoff Woodward, Steve Reynolds and Mike Giles. Woodward finished in 1:41:16 and Reynolds in 1:42:06. Mike Giles was tackling his first half and was well pleased with 1:56:40, not bad seeing as he much prefers off roading.

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