Honiton 1st XV slump to defeat

Honiton slumped to a 30-9 defeat to Hayle in Cornwall on Saturday afternoon. In decent conditions, the Lacemen surrendered a 9-6 lead at half time to concede four second half tries as they failed to contain their hosts.

The longest journey of the season started reasonably brightly for the Lacemen as they hustled their Cornish counterparts and defended stoutly. The Lacemen’s undersized pack held their own in the first half, and gave just enough ball to the back division to enable them to kick successfully for territory.

The first half was tit for tat, and it was the Cornish who scored first through a penalty kicked from 35 yards. However, Honiton responded well and Meadows levelled from a similar distance.

With play mainly in the middle of the park, neither side made much of an impact on the others’ line. Hayle converted another penalty before Honiton had increased the tempo. By acquiring some possession from a good set scrum, the Lacemen span the ball to the right and won a penalty, which Meadows neatly slotted, to equal the scores again with three minutes remaining to half time.

Honiton maintained the intensity until half time and won another penalty at a break down after the back had made yards in the right hand side 15 metre channel. Meadows did the business again and Honiton took the lead into half time.

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However, as has happened so many times this season the Lacemen simply switched off after the break and unforced errors saw the home side capitalise.

The home side’s winger gathered to score unopposed for an unconverted score.

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Honiton failed to deal with another kick over the top shortly afterwards and from the subsequent line out Hayle mauled infield. Honiton have improved this area of their game and pushed their Cornish opposition back, initially, However, as the maul moved right, the Hayle eight broke free and scored.

Honiton conceded twice more before a revival in the final ten minutes, a Luke Kenny try being disallowed, but Honiton need look no further than the dressing room for the reasons as to why they didn’t win. Consistency, application and commitment must improve.

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