Honiton Hornets

HONITON HORNETS have had two hockey matches to report on this week.

Honiton 2, Exe 1; Ashmoor 8, Honiton 0HONITON HORNETS have had two matches to report on this week. The first was a home game against Exe 5, who will finish bottom of the table this season having lost several players to the new Ashmoor side. Exe started strongly, however, and had a number of attacks on the Honiton goal which were well defended by Jackie Pinn, Hayley Lambert and Nicky Reed with Sue Stone back in goal. Equally, Honiton had a number of attacks and were unlucky not to score more with the Exe keeper having a great game. The first goal did eventually come to Honiton from a well- worked number of passes up the field. Sophie George, gaining control of the ball in the circle, put a pass across the front of the goal where Julie Tucker was on hand to finish off with an excellent shot past the keeper. The second for Honiton came following a strike from Sophie George which rebounded off the post and fell once more to Julie Tucker to finish off. Exe scored a goal from a short corner move in the second half and continued to attack throughout the game, as did Honiton, making for a very well-contested match. Player of the Match was Julie Tucker.l The second was away to Exeter for Honiton against top of the league Ashmoor. Ashmoor, having beaten all other teams in the league, were not going to be an easy prospect. Honiton, however, approached the game in good spirits and had a number of chances in the Ashmoor goal. Unfortunately, none were successful as a result of excellent defending from the Ashmoor backs and keeper. At the other end of the pitch the Ashmoor players pushed forward in numbers and kept the Honiton defence under attack for the whole game. With Jackie Pinn unavailable this weekend, captain Amy Phillips was at the back with Hayley Lambert and Nicky Reed and they managed to keep the Ashmoor players out for much of the game. Mention should be made of new player Denise Underhill, playing left half, who made a number of excellent tackles stopping the Ashmoor players striking, despite an injury. Final mention to Player of the Match Sue Stone, who had a superb game in goal, diving across the circle to cut out a large numbers of shots. The final result was a great improvement of the earlier home result of 13-0 with goals saved to Sue Stone in double figures. Final match for Honiton will be away against Ottery this Saturday.

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