Honiton monthly medal joy for John Tierney

Golf ball on tee with driver

Golf ball on tee with driver - Credit: Getty Images/Goodshoot RF

The Honiton monthly medal produced contrasting fortunes through the divisions, writes, Andy Wagner.

Division One found the course a breeze with John Tierney leading the way with a very steady nett 68, finishing just ahead of seasoned campaigners Jim Wallis and Alan Jackson who scored impressive nett 70s.

In Division Two Mark Fowler led with his own nett 70, backed up by two more ‘seasoned campaigners’ John Fleetwood and Fred Thomas who both scored nett 76 (and did it side by side if I know them).

Meanwhile the Tuesday Mixed competition took the format of American Foursomes and produced some mighty close scores.

Countback was needed to determine the winners with a fine back nine being the reason that Su Calver and Bob Barnes took top spot with 37 points.

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Second place was taken by John Frith and Jan Dickinson, the later now back in action after recovering from injury, and third place was bagged by the pairing of Lesley Farley and John Dickinson. Su Calver gave the post match vote of thanks.

The rain stopped just in time for the early birds in the latest seniors’ event to tee off in their Texas Scramble, but from then onwards the sun shone and there were no excuses for poor play. Unfortunately not everyone played their best, but the later tee-off crew of John Ayland, Ron Armitage and Peter

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Blake (again) put in the best performance and returned a net 61.8. Perhaps the Captain should make everyone play six tee shots instead of five - that would have a few worried. The runners-up were David White, Mike Watts and Brian Morrison with a net 63, followed by Bill Eaton, Howard Clark and Bob Graham. The team of Tom Tunnicliffe, Bill Spice and Chris Street took the last prizes.

Bob Underwood, the DMVGA representative took the opportunity to present liquid prizes to Stan Squires and Fred Thomas for winning the Norman Barker knock-out Trophy.

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