How many games has your local Macron League team got left to play this season?

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Out of the 51 matches that were scheduled to be played across the nine divisions of the Macron Devon and Exeter League and various cup competitions, just a handful survived and what that means is another round of matches having to be found new dates in what remains of the football season.

There have been 11 Saturdays to date in 2018 and, with fair weather, had all matches been played across the Macron League there would have been some 649 matches played.

However, January and February rain, followed by the early March snow and more rain, has meant just 233 games being played!

The Premier Division has seen the most. Across the 11 weeks, with a full complement of matches, 88 would be played in the top flight. However, there have been just 35 played.

In terms of where the action has been played, the numbers are: Division One, 23 (out of 66 that were scheduled); Division Two, 25 (77); Division Three, 25 (77); Division Four, 27 (66); Division Five, 26 (77); Division Six, 22 (55); Division Seven – which has not seen a single game played in either of the past two match days, 24 (66) and Division Eight, 26 (77).

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There remain eight Saturdays between the next one – March 17 – and the first in May (Saturday, May 5).

In terms of remaining Macron League matches and our local teams, the ‘games to play’ count is: Honiton Town Reserves and Colyton, both 16 left; Seaton Town, 14; Upottery, Millwey Rise and Millwey Rise Reserves, 13; Feniton, Beer Albion and Awliscombe, 12; Offwell Rangers, 11; Upottery Reserves, 8; Axminster Town Reserves, 7; Beer Albion Reserves, 6; Feniton Reserves, 5 and Seaton Town Reserves, 4.

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In addition to the league games some of our local teams also have end-of-season cup competitions to play as well. A busy time for one and all involved with our football clubs, from players to groundsmen and kit washers to coaching staff!

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