Kilmington skipper: “More positives than negatives after defeat by a very good team”

Clyst St George 1st team at home to Honiton 1sts. Ref exsp 24 19TI 6463. Picture: Terry Ife

Clyst St George 1st team at home to Honiton 1sts. Ref exsp 24 19TI 6463. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Kilmington may have lost for the third time in five Tolchards Devon League B Division outings when they visited Plymstock, but skipper Brett Garner was remaining very upbeat post match - and with good reason.

He said: "Once again we have come out of game on the losing end but with more positives than negatives to reflect on.

"Having been stuck in on a track that favoured the bowlers given the preceding days weather, and against a good bowling attack, probably the best we have faced so far this season, I felt we batted well."

He continued: "We did at one point look set to post a tidy score which might well have won us the game, but sadly once again, our current nemesis of poor shot section was evident! However, on a tricky track we batted better than the score suggests,"

Between innings the Kilmington skipper felt reasonably confident that his bowlers might be able to defend the 166 runs.

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He said: "I felt we were 'in the game' at tea, but it was a shame Oli Reed was only just back from injury and not able to really serve up his best. Seam was vital on that track and, to be fair to the lads, they bowled collectively very well and the fielding was excellent too."

He continued: "We had them six down when they got over the line and, on another day, might well have knocked them over."

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As for the state of the league given that the campaign is already one-third of the way through, Garner says: "It is very clear that this B Division is one in which any of the nine teams involved is quite capable of beating one of the others be they - top - or bottom!

"I am very confident that when we are scoring the sort of runs I know we have in us, then we will be match for any of the other sides at this level."

"However, that sounds easy, but, for one reason and another, we are not quite clicking right now. We mist remember though that we are currently still a long way short of being at full strength and we are having what seems to be more than our fair share of injuries!

"But, it is what it is and we go again next week - as things stand I genuinely have no idea who is going to be fit and who is not, so we shall take stock nearer matchday and get ready to give it another right good go."

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