Look out Lyme dinosaurs!

PUBLISHED: 15:00 15 July 2009 | UPDATED: 23:49 15 June 2010

It s been another disastrous week for the men in the county leagues,writes Paul Moffitt.

It's been another disastrous week for the men in the county leagues. Not one of the three teams could muster a single point between them.

The championship side, which had been enjoying reasonable success, must now make a concerted effort to keep out of the relegation zone. Recent poor results have meant that they are now just three off the bottom of the table, and a return to Div 1 would be a bitter pill to swallow for the club.

Monday will see the A side play the B side in a scrap at the foot of the table. I'm not sure a win for either side will make an appreciable difference to their league standing, unless there is a big push towards the end of the season.

The ladies continue to impress with competent performances in both the county and Edna Paisley leagues. Unfortunately, unlike the men, the ladies do not have a website where one can see how the Lyme team is doing relative to the other clubs. Perhaps this point should be raised at a higher level.

There have been some disappointing results in the friendlies, which can be attributed to, in part, the fact that some of these games have been played on days when either the men or the ladies have had county league matches. I think it is time some of the more experienced players were prepared to put their names forward for friendlies, especially when the club is entertaining touring sides. Some of the tourists send extremely strong sides and I think we owe it to them, as a club, to provide strong opposition. After all, if we fail to impress will they return next year? As a club, we need them to keep visiting.

Results: Dorset Men's Championship:

Lyme 41, Wellworthy 59: J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 14-22; P Moffitt, K Hickman, G Stockley, P Eagles 15-19; B Gillett, R Richardson, C Barber, M Preston 12-18.

West Dorset Men Div 1: Lyme A 37, Greenhill A 74: P Stephens, D Pomeroy, T Allman, C Matthews 9-26; M Thorner, C Vere, J Irwin, J Wells 11-24; B Downes, L Street, B Parsons, D Perry 17-24.

Lyme B 46, Dorchester A 69: B Turpin, D Woods, J Beadsley, J Belger 16-21; M Clark, E Skeemer, R Moody, G Cozens 12-23; G Clode, R McLennan, R Winterborne, A Preece 18-25.

Percy Baker: Lyme W2 30, Greenhill 27: R Edwards, R Richardson, P Moffitt 13-12; M Clark, J Irwin, P Eagles 17-15.

Lyme W3 44, Portland Vic 27: G Broom, R Carnan, W Smith 27-11; R McLennan, K Gardiner, P Stephens 17-16.

Dorset Ladies Div 2: Lyme 54, Ferndown 51:

J Moffitt, M Gillett, J Parsons, K Clissold 24-14; S Eaton, K Smith, J Perry, A Allman 15-21; M Bartlett, D Courtenay-Smith; N Stephens, C Barber 15-16.

Half-way through, this looked like 10 points in the bag for the home side. Somehow the wheels came off and Lyme were lucky to scrape home with the lion's share, six points.

Edna Paisley: Lyme 39, Bridport Blue 29. J Parsons, S Wood, S Rowe 20-9; K Smith, J Kesterton, L Broom 19-20.

Lyme 33, Greenhill 36: P Cole, S Eaton, M Wheeler 22-10; Y Moody, J Beavis, T Poyner 11-26.

Friendlies: Lyme 81, Donyatt 62: B Downes, M Bartlett, N Stephens, J Wells 19-13; Y Moody, R Hobbs, J Irwin, J Wells 18-15; O Eke, D Wood, R Moody, N Benson 26-16; P Stephens, S Wood, J Kesterton, E Skeemer 18-18.

Lyme 98, Snitterfield Tour 130: D Read, D Courtenay-Smith, J Moffitt, K Clissold 16-27; T Payne, N Benson, E Rodgers, W Smith 11-24; A Lole, T Coldrick, K Gardiner, T Allman 15-24; P Cole, K Faragher, B Parsons, H Keep 26-9; H Dowling, T Poyner, R Carnan, Chris Barber 12-27; J Yorke, S Applebee, C Clissold, R Edwards 18-19.

Lyme 113, Nomads 109: C Clissold, D Courtenay-Smith 14-19; L Street, C Vere, B Gillett, G Cozens 21-18; F Marsh, J Perry, J Moffitt, Chas Barber 15-16; T Payne, S Wood, W Smith, Chris Barber 20-18; K Smith, K Faragher, H Keep, P Moffitt 17-22; Y Moody, G Clode, M Gillett, R Winterborne 26-16.

Lyme Men 74, Seaton Men 92: J Beadsley, K Gardiner, H Keep, B Parsons 11-31; L Street, C Vere, D Wood, Chas Barber 18-20; T Payne, B Turpin, K Fountaine, P Moffitt 25-17; A Lole, P Stephens, R Winterborne, G Cozens 20-24.

Luke Street and Cameron Vere have just finished their exams and are now bowling for the club on a regular basis. This past week they turned out for the A side against Greenhill in Div 1 of the League.

There has been very positive feedback from fellow players about their performances and, having seen them both in action in a friendly, I'm sure they will both feature prominently in the future. We club dinosaurs had better look out!

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