Lowly results for Lyme

PUBLISHED: 13:33 26 August 2009 | UPDATED: 00:03 16 June 2010

There were some lowly results for Lyme in the league fixtures this week, with the Championship side and the ladies managing four points apiece, the A and B teams two points and the Edna Paisley team nil points!

There were some lowly results for Lyme in the league fixtures this week, with the Championship side and the ladies managing four points apiece, the A and B teams two points and the Edna Paisley team nil points!

That said, the Championship side has secured fifth spot in their league as they finished up their season with a draw at Alexandra Park. The ladies, who were away to Broadstone, were unfortunate not to get the lion's share of the points, given that they won on two of the three rinks.

Torrential rain at Broadstone didn't make bowling any easier for some of the ladies, so four points was a reasonable result.

The men's A team were unlucky to miss out on one rink by a single shot, whilst the B team continue to struggle, despite John Belger's rink handing out a hiding to their opposition from Wellworthy.

There were numerous friendlies this week, including the annual fixture against Winchester which always ends with a meal.

Winchester were a few short to make up the six rinks, so Lyme duly obliged in making up the numbers.

The club finals weekend is now less than two weeks away and the Competitions Secretary has asked that all cups be returned to the club. He has also asked that if anyone who is not involved in any final would be prepared to mark, would they please let him know.

l Dorset Men's Championship:

Lyme 53, Alexandra Park 53:

P Moffitt, K Hickman, G Stockley, P Eagles 25-16; J Eaton, R Richardson, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 17-20; B Gillett, C Barber, D Meylan, M Preston 11-17.

West Dorset Men Div 1:

Lyme A 60, Wellworthy A 67: P Stephens, L Street, B Parsons, D Perry 21-22; M Knight, C Vere, J Beadsley, J Irwin 20-13; M Thorner, J Perry, D Pomeroy, W Smith 19-32. Lyme B 60, Wellworthy B 74: R Turpin, R Cridge, A Preece, J Belger 35-12; R Moody, B Stephens, M Clark, G Cozens 8-33; G Clode, R McLennan, R Winterborne, E Skeemer 17-29.

Dorset Ladies' Div 2: Lyme 62, Broadstone 73: K Smith, S Eaton, J Perry, K Clissold 15-32; P Cole, V Cozens, J Moffitt, J Parsons 23-20; S Applebee, D Courtenay-Smith, N Stephens, C Barber 24-21. Edna Paisley: Lyme 23, Wellworthy Red 32:Y Moody, M Wheeler, T Poyner 11-16; D Read, P Cole, L Broom 12-16.

Friendlies: Lyme Men 83, Seaton Men 62: B Downes, R Cridge, B Gillett, R Edwards 24-13; T Payne, G Clode, P Stephens, J Eaton 21-13; C Clissold, G Broom, M Clark, G Cozens 22-16; K Faragher, J Andrews, J Moseley, A Preece 16-20.

Lyme 140, Winchester 97: H Dowling, M Wheeler, R Moody, B Rattenbury 23-15; D Read, J Andrews, E Rodgers, Chas Barber 20-16; T Coldrick, S Applebee, S Dowling, K Clissold 21-12; L Street, A Rattenbury, R McLennan, E Skeemer 26-17; Y Moody, B Stephens, N Benson, D Meylan 33-16; P Cole, J Beavis, R Carnan, G Cozens 17-21.

Lyme members bowling for Winchester were: D Courtenay-Smith, R Cridge, J Irwin and Chris Barber.

Lyme 122, Queen Camel 115: H Dowling, J Kesterton, W Smith, G Cozens 19-21; T Payne, R McLennan, J Beadsley, Chris Barber 16-20; J Brown, K Smith, J Parsons, Chas Barber 20-18; F Marsh, K Gardiner, E Rodgers, K Clissold 21-20; C Clissold, D Wood, J Moseley, B Parsons 32-14; A Brown, B Downes, R Winterborne, A Preece 14-22. Lyme Men 70, Chardstock Men 77: B Downes, K Gardiner, R McLennan, W Smith 21-20; B Turpin, T Payne, P Stephens, B Parsons 20-16; A Lole, K Faragher, R Moody, A Preece 12-22; T Coldrick, R Carnan, J Irwin, K Fountaine 17-19. Lyme 96, Somerton 118: J Brown, Y Moody, J Beadsley, J Irwin 11-24; T Payne, T Poyner, E Rodgers, J Wells 14-21; C Clissold, J Moseley, R Winterborne, A Preece 14-22; K Faragher, B Downes, R Moody, R Edwards 20-19; F Marsh, A Brown, N Benson, G Cozens 12-16; D Read, K Gardiner, J Moseley, B Parsons 25-16.

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